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The Silver Linings you can find if you look for them in Real Estate and Life. Good place to spend some time on those days you're down on the business! Get you right back on your feet!
This time of year is an ideal time to review your database. Many refer to it as Past Client/Center of Influence list. How many people are in it? Who are they? Did you reach all of them this year by phone, by mail, and by email? If not, it's time to do that NOW before year end. Thank them for thei...
Great post, thanks!Keeping Current Matters is the blog site of Steve Harney and his terrific real estate data ccollection and analysis team. Last week they published a series of reports and links from major industry analysts. The universal agreement is that home prices will continue to drop over ...
A true story, but not a religious one... just read it. You'll be glad you did.   A group of ministers-to-be students at ministerial school had been studying together as a group for over a year. They’d really gotten to know each other and shared their inspirations, as well as their challenges with...
Good logical advice! Thansk Kim.To some, this may seem like a 'duh' post, but I think it deserves some attention since I've seen many local agents getting stuck in this marketing trap.'ve got a new listing.  You're marketing it as much as you usually do and all of a sudden you have a sel...
Great story and great thought.  You should read this one. Coach Donna StottHave you trained your brain to shoot yourself in the foot??? Let's start with a little story........ As a young boy, Tan had always heard of stories handed down by his father and his father's father of a magical rock that,...
QTS has reached 75 RESULTS! I Courses scheduled & held with over 1000 students. The average Agent created 3.92 transactions over the 4 weeks of the course. Note: That is about the same amount the average does in a year, according to NAR... Spending a month of focused time and effort on learning a...
16 minutes and worth it Life IS great.  
Defining a "Good Deal" in today's Real Estate Market What is a “Good Deal in today’s Real Estate Market? I’ve read over and over again that “a recession is a terrible thing to waste”. And I agree. When I googled this phrase in quotes, I came up with 23,300 hits. The truth is, during any downturn,...
15% more sales....20% more income... THAT is what 2010 has in store for us per NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.  Check out Realtor Magazine Online for the Full Article. Or check out my blog at How can YOU make the best of this?  It's time to hire a pro...
New Real Estate Marketing Video from VREBC Virtual Real Estate BarCampVirtual Real Estate BarCamp, featuring 27 real estate marketing experts is right around the corner.  You can begin listening to the free preview calls right now.  Block off your calendar for November 17.  Top realtors from the ...

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Thoughts, ideas, market study. I talk with Agents all over North America every day and learn a lot about what's going on Nationwide. This can help you in your local business to see trends before they get to you. I'm big on Numbers Tracking and study the NAR reports, often having some comment on those as well. Sometimes I might post something motivational, or inspirational that just came to me as well, so that's why it's called Good News about Real Estate AND Life.