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Is Your car Registration Missing?      I probably know why !!!!!        For those of you who read my post on making sure you change the GO HOME setting on you G.P.S. system to somewhere down the road from your home so in the event it gets stolen you won't come back from vacation to an empty house...
   Purchasing A Home, Step by Step and the Definitions you will encounter. Part 6...........                                          The Negotiations   O.K.    So we have made our offer now what? We wait. Wait for what ? A response to your offer. Why is it taking so long ?  Well people looking t...
Motivational Monday: Whats your excuse ? Think about it for years and years our fore fathers new and we still do today.               Life is to short to make excuses not only for yourself,others and the reasons why you can't rather than reasons why you can.              "He that is good for maki...
Here's a great post from our friend Jay on why in life when things don't seem right they may not be. We all get  multiple quotes on big ticket items but many people seem to forget that these people may not always have your best interests at heart. There is nothing wrong with getting the advice of...
Damm you Irene, not my umbrella !!!!!! Why not my neighbors tree's ????       Of all the thing I expected to come down in the tropical storm , my umbrella was not one of them lol                 Now I have wanted to replace cable with dish for the longest time and I was hoping the storm would ass...
  Morning Glory Update, as the umbrella fills in lol    Slow like a turtle my umbrella fills in and soon enough (hopefully) it will fill in completely.         Next year I want to see pictures from all of you..........the creative and no so RAINERS.    
Hurricane Irene: EAST COAST WARNING. Stay up to date with F.E.M.A. If you live on the east coast be prepared, have a plan and know where to turn to in the event of an emergency.                                   keep a copy of all emergency numbers in your wallet    Hurricane Irene: Entire East C...
Pizza/ Sub shop for sale in Holbrook ,  Mass 02343 235 Plymouth St. Great Business Opportunity $ 29,900                          If your thinking of starting your own business or expanding your current location this centrally located pizza/sub shop located on Rt. 139 in Holbrook, Mass is waiting ...
When a HURRICANE strikes are you ready. basic Emergency Supply Kit, and then some.   Below is a list of items FEMA has prepared for you. You will also find their website in the event of an emergency and where to turn.                                              Recommended Items to Include in a ...
         Buying in Franklin, Mass. A quick video       What makes Franklin, Mass a much sought after community in the Metro West area.          From colleges to it's downtown charm and easy access to major highways you decide.                                              http://www.realestateshow...

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