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Notes about Acton, Concord and surrounding towns in MA
This Month In Real Estate (US) SPECIAL EDITION: The Updated 2009 Homebuyer Tax Credit
The explosion of social media is changiing the rules of business and marketing. This is an excellent blog on why this is happening (Plus there's some good entertainment here too!)  Over the past few weeks I have been amazed by infinite power that social media possesses.  There have been some rea...
How are things in our local housing market? As you know, real estate is local, and we are generally in better shape than many other parts of the country when it comes to home values, foreclosures, and excess inventory. Yes, house prices are down, but so is inventory. Lower prices, low interest ra...
  This is by far the best explanation of "what happened" that I have seen.  This video, "Crisis of Credit Visualized," is short, entertaining, and informative. Enjoy - at least as much as you can while we watch the economy tumble around. (Thanks to Anita Hill, who p...
We are still recovering from the ice storm last week and we are now getting the first of 3 snowfalls forecasted for the next week. I'm heading out to a home inspection in a half hour. Those great buys in Florida and Las Vegas are beginning to look very tempting!
I've been dealing with a lot of short sales recently (as have many of you, I am sure!) But a comment made a couple of weeks ago by a seller has stuck in my mind. The seller would love to continue living in his home, so he was willling to rent it from the eventual buyer. His rationale for selling ...
One of the fun things to do in this area is to visit the Colonial Inn in Concord center. On Thursday evenings there is a singer in one of the pub rooms, John Fizsimmons. He is talented and funny. Thrre is somewhat of a regular crowd there, but newcomers are welcome. Try it some time!  
I thought I would do a series of highlights of Acton, Massachusetts. I've lived here for over 20 years, and sometimes I take things for granted that are special about this place. If anyone is considering a move to this area, Acton has is a lot to offer. Here is the first in the series: NARA Park ...
"Real estate is local" is so true. I was at a Women's Councel of Realtors conference recently, and heard both tales of woe and great success stories from my colleagues across the country.  In Massachusetts, house sales are mixed, dependng on what town you are talking about. Take Acton, for exampl...
A Smart Car Raffle in Support of Restorative Justice - an innovative program for youth offenders in Concord, Carlisle, Acton & Boxborough -   Raffle ends November 1st  Visit and follow links to buy a raffle ticket. $100 each, but only 999 will be sold, and there is an 18-month waitin...

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Notes about Acton, Concord and other towns in Middlesex County, MA