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Are you looking for a Camp Lejeune home with water access for a reasonable price? This may be the right fit! Located within a 20 minute commute from Camp Lejeune, this home offers community water access to the White Oak River. The home has been almost completely remodeled so yo get all the perks...
As we are seeing more Jacksonville Short sales I find it important to point out what the benefits are when short selling your house instead of letting it foreclose. Of course every situation is different and it depends on the reason of your foreclosure or short sale, but as a general rule, a sho...
When buying a Camp Lejeune NC home (or any other home) you will need certain documents to apply for your loan. Your lender will provide you with a list of what you will need, but I find it nice to have a little head start and come prepared. So here is what you will need when buying a Camp Lejeun...
I noted in my earlier post that there are many benefits to buying around Camp Lejeune instead of renting. Today I would like to discuss the actual monetary amounts needed to buy or rent a little bit more in depth.  Most people underestimate the cost renting in the Camp Lejeune area. Renters aroun...
Like I mentioned in my previous blog, the area around Camp Lejeune offers plenty of townhomes, large and small, expensive and more affordable. Today I would like to elaborate a little more on the cost of buying versus renting, especially when you look at a low maintenance townhome or smaller sin...
Camp Lejeune NC townhomes are booming! With high deployment cycles, many want the luxury of their own space without the burden of the upkeep of a yard. Yes, you will have to share a wall with your neighbor, but if you pick an end-unit, a Camp Lejeune NC townhome can be quite the relaxing place! M...
There are many neighborhoods and homes to pick from when looking for a property around Camp Lejeune NC. One thing to consider when making this decision is the location of the home. Camp Lejeune NC homes often come with quite a long commute. Many make the mistake to drive the distance from the hou...
Jacksonville NC is a great place to live. Located close to the Atlantic Ocean, it hosts the largest Marine Corps Base on the east coast of the United States. A smaller but just as important base is the Marine Corps Air Station, located on the southern part of Jacksonville NC. With the base growin...

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