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There is an article today at thestreet.com by Christopher Stahl about a National Mortgage License System that is being planned.  This is a long time coming.  Creating a national license is something that, if done properly, will create more transparency in the industry and help protect consumers. ...
I have to say that today I saw how people can truly get burned by loan officers in this business.  I received a phone call from a semi retired man in northern California who is extremely frustrated with the refinance transaction he just went through.  One year ago he refinanced into an option arm...
What are people's thoughts about the option arm products that are offered by multiple lenders?  I have my own and I will share them, but I want to receive comments from Real Estate Agents on their perceptions  and their own experiences with clients that have used them to purchase a home.I'm sure ...
Credit remediation is a subject consumers often face with fear and trepidation, and for good reason. With the exception of recognizing that the best score wins, the average home shopper knows very little about the whole credit scoring process. Sub-prime borrowers who are eager to move into A-Pape...

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