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Well I've been trying to avoid this myself for some time now, and have succeeded in dodging the bullet.  However, one guy in our office seems to have taken a direct hit. (Poor fool) Aaron shall remain nameless, but you know who you are.  Apparently it's a done deal as the wedding is tommorrow (I ...
Attention readers: this web log will be doubling as a public service announcement because people are literally DYING out there. We are in the thick of summer, people. The sun, while a huge ally of the Earth, also serves as one of our biggest enemies.  It provides light that we use to see, but it ...
I'm sure anyone that was in or around Chino Hills felt the quake yesterday, our office was no exception.  In view of the hysterics that went on here then, and later in the evening with the whole Herb/Ed ordeal, I'm inclined to offer some basic tips once again for general safety.  In order to deal...
My co/listing in Pensylvania is w/Jonathan Coles from New Pennsylvania Realty.  Yes this is circa 1825, almost as old as the Schrute Farm.  Formerly owned by General Harry C. Trexler !!! Modestly priced at:$2,300,000...take a gander
 So there I was, walking around in the grocery store this morning at 4:23 am, when it hit me ~   Apples come in many varieties - Golden Delicious, Fuji, etc. -- but you don't really see a lot of different kinds of pineapples. I suppose if you really want to get technical, "pine" could just be ano...
In all honesty, I don't even have time to write this for my blog. I am swamped. For some reason, this July is one of the most profitable months I've ever had at Re/Max NOC. I'm sorry the same can't be said for the rest of the sales force. As a result of how busy I am, please stop talking to me. I...
    Good June to you, or as we say on Schrute Farms: Guttenjuni! There is a topic I've been meaning to bring up and this appears to be the appropriate time. I have noticed many more people taking photographs of things now that the true start of summer is nearly upon us. Photography is an "art" th...
                  2 Words people : Area 51!!! June 24th is National UFO day.  A day I take very seriously! Fact: Area 51 is REAL !!  Area 51, located at the corner of a Nevada nuclear test site, has long been rumored to be the home of some of the United States most highly classified national secu...
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service !! Our office has fallen prey to a dangerous trend and I want to put an end to it before it gets out of hand. On more than one occasion, I have noticed employees removing their shoes while they are in the office. Some violators keep their non-shoed feet under their ...
Many of you are fans of Red Bull, or what I like to call, Crack in A Can. But if you are serious about sports drinks. Get a grip on this: Brawndo. Dr. D explains why it's good for you: Dr. David E. Dadavildy teaches you about electrolytes Dr. Dadavildy is a unique individual, but he knows a lot a...

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