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Re/Max NOC employees: It is not acceptable to wear sunglasses while working inside the office. Not only is it completely against the ReMax dress code, it is a tremendous safety hazard. There are two people in the office that insist on wearing sunglasses at work to show that "they are somebody." B...
The summer solstice has just passed. While this is a time to get excited about the new season's beet crop (and our brand new cabbage crop!) it is also a time when people play fast and loose with the thermostat. To eradicate the biannual battle over the thermostat, I have installed a titanium loc...
Finally someone gets it! This guy is AWESOME!! I think we would make a great duo or team!!
People, it's springtime and creepy crawlies  are starting to emege from all the cracks and crevices.  I urge you not to kill them.  Please bag them up and bring them to me at once.  I need them for soil aeration and to pollinate my beet flowers.  Your cooperation will be noted. DO NOT, I REPEAT,...
 Spring  has sprung and so have mold spores.The Schrutes for generations have ritually taken part in this annual event, often referred to as "Spring Cleaning".   I will perform my quarterly office disinfection on Saturday because I will no longer subject myself to your whining about the fumes. no...
Much of the talk around the office lately has been about the Winter Olympics. I generally choose not to participate in such trivial uses of time. However, I am left with no other choice but to set the record straight on these so-called sports. Any sport in which gravity does more than fifty perce...
What simple maneuver can help us spend one-sixteenth of what we've been spending on paper AND also help us spend one-sixteenth of what we've been spending on printer toner? Confused? Well, it's a riddle.   I'll give you a hint, the answer is the "printer layout" function on our print menu. Instea...
  This has become a hot topic of debate in the office lately.  Ed is demanding them in the men's room and Linda on the other hand could care less. I ask you, do we really need to slaughter another small forrest, just so Ed can sit on a doiley?? Please, here are just a few examples:  This is the "...
Teen Finds Cocaine in Skittles Box at CVS, apparently at this drugstore, you don't need a prescription !! MIDDLEBURG, FL -- The Clay County Sheriff's Office says there isn't enough evidence to continue investigating a bag of cocaine that was found in a Skittles box at a local CVS. The CVS manager...

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