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  HOW ARE YOU GOING TO MARKET ME AS A BUYER? Here is the reason why, A recent study by Move Inc produced some interesting numbers. In a survey of over 1000 home owners, 49% of homeowners would buy another home if they could sell their current home for an amount equal to or more than they paid on...
It’s time to replace Craigslist. I have a love hate relationship with Craigslist. I view them as pioneering a section of the Internet for which I am grateful but now I see them as hindering its progress. Craig Newmark who is rolled out twice a year at Inman Connect is a nice enough guy who has c...
This is a post I wanted to share from Mike Larson of Money & Markets. I am not as bullish as Mike in the current market but these guys have a good track record for knowing their stuff so I think it is worth reading. Credits to Mike are at the bottom. Boy did last week’s column prompt a lot of com...
My fiancée, dog and I are currently looking for a new apartment to rent in San Francisco. We are a tech savvy trio, even our dog has her own active Facebook account! When it comes to doing anything online we are all over it, so finding an apartment in this day and age should be easy, right? A nat...
I admire people with that rare ability to ask the awkward questions as so often it actually pays off. The hotel room upgrade, the discount on the product, the free extra with a purchase. A friend of mine recently stated that she wanted to live on a particular street where the houses overlooked a ...
A while back I read a great blog post by Spencer Rascoff at Zillow on the growing ticking time bomb of Government Debt both here in the US and abroad. If you haven’t read it I would urge you too (see here Spencer lays down the facts and they don’t look good. I have a keen i...
It has been an interesting day where Twitter really came into its own as word spread of the new announcement by NAR that they were launching the Realtor Property Resource or RPR for short. To me it looks like NAR has sat back ...
Real estate seems to be infested with an increasing number of "mysterious companies." These are companies who claim to offer a great service of one type or other if you sign up but have one tell tale sign of the old "I smell a rat". Don't get me wrong, I take my hat off and have a huge respect to...
Guest Post from Nate Hennings After an exhausting Inman RE Conference I was only too happy when Nate offered to write a blog post. Not quite what I was expecting but you have to love the originality…..D.L. Back from another great Inman RE Connect conference and of course have a mile high stack of...
Guest post by Maia Bittner Here at NationalBLS, I've been using our twitter account to start conversations, discuss interesting news stories, and post updates. The focus of my posts is typically real estate, but I occasionally diverge into other topics I find interesting. Because most of my follo...

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