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Sometimes I get asked, "You ONLY do reverse mortgages? Can't you do other types of mortgages, too?" Yes, technically I can do other types of mortgages, but I choose not to. Do all insurance agents sell life insurance, health insurance, commercial insurance, property and casualty insurance, disabi...
There are a number of home repair and safety items seniors either put off doing, or are not able to do because of physical or financial limitations. Not making these updates or changes to the home may result in a fall or injury.        * Change smoke detector batteries      * Add carbon monoxide ...
"Why would somebody get into a reverse mortgage? Are all your clients poor but their houses are paid off?" Those are a couple questions I get asked frequently. The answer to the first question is, "it depends." The answer to the second question is, "no."      My clients' reasons for using a rever...
Are you tired of hearing about how horrible the mortgage market is, how bad mortgage lenders are, and how high the foreclosure rate is in Colorado? Maybe you're able to tune it out more than I, since it may not be the world you work in.   I know you didn't hear this story. It involves a Realtor (...
Did you know reverse mortgages can be used to cover monthly expenses for seniors when savings or income won't? If your client has tens of thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands in home equity and they are over 62, perhaps a reverse mortgage should be considered as a way to manage and even gr...


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