Bursting The Bubble: Digital Marketing That Actually Works For Real Estate

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Finding the right homeowners insurance policy can be a lengthy process as you peruse through what various companies have to offer. However, maintaining a policy can be just as complicated. The wrong types of behavior can drive insurers away and result in policy cancellation or non-renewal. Some r...
It is reasonable to question why anyone would buy a home in a floodplain. Perhaps the house sits in a beautiful historic town, or maybe some feel that having a picturesque waterfront property is worth the trouble caused by a flood. Unfortunately, climate change and global warming will be increasi...
Newly married? Thinking about purchasing a home along the east coast to live the white picket fence dream?From the fresh sea air of New England to Florida’s abundance of sunshine and beaches, the East Coast is tempting millennials to buy a home, start a family and settle down. Especially for the ...
This year has been a wild ride for Canadian home buyers and sellers. Surging prices, overvalued properties and a short supply is being blamed on foreign investors, which have enjoyed great returns since the country began to bounce back from the recession.However, there is concern from the federal...
No word sends a shiver down the spine of a Floridian than ‘Zika.’ A Mosquito-borne illness that causes brain damage in newborns and dengue flu-like symptoms in adults. Florida’s economy relies heavily on tourists’ and investors' dollars, but they have been shying away from South Florida, which is...
The face of American society is changing and with it, the real estate market. The dream of owning a home in the suburbs with a spacious backyard and garden in the front is being lost on millennials as they swap cars for public transit, bikes, and their own two feet. Cities offer a lifestyle that ...
The home is your sanctuary, but not everyone might see it that way during an open house. That’s why it’s important to take the necessary steps to not only provide a space a buyer can see themselves living in, but also generate curb appeal to stand out from the rest. It only takes a few improvemen...
There are a number of factors making Canada’s real estate market one of a somewhat shaky foundation. A lack of quality land and development opportunities, rising government fees and costs, Alberta’s slacking economy, mounting household debt and a struggling retail sector could all spell bad news ...
In spite of the fact that condos are for the most part smaller and purchasers shouldn’t need to stress over the outside, grounds, foundations, rooftops and different segments more often than not reviewed for a single family home or townhouse, there are still a lot of things that should be investi...
Are you fascinated by real estate technology and industry trends? Are you a real estate agent looking to grow your professional network with industry leaders? Well Inman Connect provides all of the above as it celebrates its 20th anniversary in San Francisco. Attendees can expect a premier event ...

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