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Yesterday I had a third appointment with a prospective short seller.  The first appointment was more than a month ago.  I gave them a packet of documents (samples of hardship letters, a financial statement etc) and told them time was of the essence.  They were already five months behind in paymen...
Housing prices fallThe S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index, measuring housing prices in 20 representative cities across America, fell for the 30th straight month in January, bringing house prices down to 2003 levels. And this time it actually set a record, falling 19% from January 2008. "There are ...
President Obama gave a press conference last night and said he is seeing signs of recovery.  Wall Street obviously liked the treasurer's plan to move "toxic assets" away from the banks.  Housing prices were up from January in February.  These are all things to start believing that maybe the worst...
Its a great day here in Albuquerque.  The sun is shinning and the wind is not blowing.  The stock market was up over 500 points yesterday and today's paper said that sales of homes was up more than 5% over last month.  It's a great day!     
Interest rates are historically low as are home prices so why aren't buyers buying?  Is everyone so afraid of this economy that they are fearful of a total bust.  In the Albuquerque, NM, area unemployment is running still below 6%.  I guess there is still too much fear out there.  How do we overc...
According to this morning's Outlook in the Albuquerque Journal, apartment rentals dropped 4 percentage points in the fourth quarter last year.  It dropped from 95% in the third quarter to 91% in the fourth quarter.  Apartment occupancy predictable drops every winter but usually in a range of 1% t...
The government fix for housing is helping a lot of people refinance their homes (4,000,000+) at lower interest rates.  This will help homeowners who are solvent lower their payments but not much help to those who are insolvent (unemployed, death, divorce, disease) etc.  This could benefit the eco...
I am an investor/realtor doing business in Albuquerque, NM.  Here is how I work as an investor.  My methods are very helpful to realtors.  When a realtor gets a call from a seller telling them they need to sell their home using a short sale, the realtor contacts me.  Together we meet with the own...
Homes are more affordable than ever.  Buyers should be buying instead of sitting on the fence.  Are they waiting on the next government stimulus? NAR's Housing Affordability Index jumped 13.6% in January to 166.8, a record high. This index indicates that the relationship between home prices, mort...
I am beginning to get really busy with real estate here in Albuquerque, NM.  In fact, I have buyers who are having a hard time finding a home to purchase because so many sellers have pulled their homes off the market, particularly in the more desireable areas.  I hope that this is a sign that the...

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