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Ok, so I havent posted anything in a while. As a Real Estate Agent and a Coach I sometimes have to chose between what is right and what I am going to say.   I dont know about you but everyday I seem to get an email with a title like ' REO secrets" learn how to sell REO's for banks. I get emails a...
  1. You have to have experience to list and sell bank owned properties. Not true, All you need to do is have the ability to demonstrate compentancy to the Asset Manager. 2. You have to have tons of money to carry the utilites? Depending on what state you are in we can teach you how to reduce you...
  Are you in one of those bubble states. One of the states in which housing prices went up and up and up and now it is going down and down and down. If your market is feeling kind of adjustment then you are in a bubble state. This post is for you.   As a professional Real Estate Coach I see stude...
Real Estate Survival Skills BY Dan GriebYou have to be willing to take what the market is willing to give you. When the tide goes in, you swim in with the tide. If the tide is going out, you have to swim out with the tide.  If you swim against the tide you drown. No matter where you are in your b...
  Let's Face it the real estate market right now is absolutley CRAZY. THis real estate market is KILLING people. Do you know how to survive. I am not even talking about being profitable. DO YOU know how to create a duplicatable business in this market.   If you cant walk there is no way you are g...
                                    If you read a lot of articles in our local newpapers (you shoudn't), but if you do or you watch the news (you shouldn't) but if you do. I am sure you are hearing all kinds of crazy zanny crap about how it's the end of the world in Real Estate. Please do not buy...
Short sale, Forbearance Agreements, Rate and Term Adjustments, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure and more options are available whether you know it or not. You no longer have to live in fear. You no longer have to live in a world of uncertainty. As an organization our number one goal is to minimize the...
After many weeks of planning, thinking, praying and worrying now we have made the move. On Friday, May 23, 2008 Orlando Shortsale goes live. In business they say if you want to effect change or start a new business look for a void in the marketplace, look for where you can help at the highest lev...
  If you have not noticed the Housing Market across America is depressing more and more. Realtors in general are now jumping on the short sale bandwagon. Short sales are simply when the bank agrees to release the lien on a property for less then is actually owed on the property. It should be note...


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