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THE MEDIA IS NOT THE PROBLEM!  THEY ARE A PROBLEM, BUT NOT THE PROBLEM.I'm happy for the agents that are in appreciating markets, you are the exception to the reality the rest of us are faced with. I am having a good year, I expect to. I work hard. I have been a full time REALTOR for 25 years. My...
I gave up Open Houses today, in Wisconsin, the Packer/Vikings game takes priority over everything but God.Prayers complete, I spent time with family, the Packers, and Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys. The day was extremely fulfilling.Back to reality in the morning!
Statistics for Racine (Wi) Listings/Solds, as reported by Metro Multiple Listing Service.These statistics are for all of Racine County SINGLE FAMILY HOMES.1/1/2004-11/9/2004  2816 Listings//2100 Sold  (74% sold)1/1/2005-11/9/2005  3473 Listings//2216 Sold   (63% sold)1/1/2006-11/9/2006  3904 List...
I still feel the same way, 25 years later. I was in the business for 10 years before my mother realized I did not get a check every Friday. A year later, as I was turning 40, my father asked me if I was ever going to get a "real job." (He had no idea I was making twice as much income than he ever...
We need to be positive when working with Buyers, Sellers, and anyone else we deal with be it in Real Estate or any other aspect of our daily lives. We also need to be honest about Market conditions. If you are in an appreciating market, be thankful.If you are in the majority, and your Market is f...
The past 6 years have been a real experience to say the least. One record year, for sales, after another. This 6 year period has accounted for nearly 40%, of my 25 year real estate career, transaction volume. Whew!!While 2007 will not be another record year, short of Divine Intervention, (it coul...
Price the listing to sell, in any market, and you don't need a virtual tour, staging, open house, newspaper advertising, property tour, or any other marketing. Hopefully your SOI, or COI, depending on whether it is Sphere of Influence, or Center of Influence, will allow you to sell the well price...
After an unusual day at work, accepted offer not coming through on the fax or to my email, both came through eventually, after I drove to the co-op office to pick up the original. (we used to do this all the time) Next, I go to the Title Co. for my 10:30 closing. Everything has been verified,last...
How true, How true! "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" by Timbuk  3, a band out of Madison , Wi, hit the charts in 1986, as the economy and the housing market were teetering on the brink of disaster, oil crisis looming, Savings and Loan Crisis, (from poor lending practices) right aroun...
I am an optimistic guy. I love the Real Estate business, there is not much I enjoy more than helping people buy and sell homes, except maybe a round of golf with my son and/or daughter, a Prime Rib dinner at the Corner House Restaurant, finding a great piece at an estate sale, watching the Green ...

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