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It is a world of competition out there, and if you are looking for repeat guests at your vacation rental, you would need small gestures to make them happy. Actually really small things matter and make your guests happy, which leads to a referral or repeat visits.When we began our journey with Des...
I am not a tax consultant or professional, neither this information constitutes tax advice. They may be wrong. If you find something wrong, let me know and I will correct it.Doing rental income taxes for 4 years, I faced a lot of questions from fellow owners, so i decided to write an article Vaca...
When I started Destin Condo Rentals business at Pelican Beach Resort 3 years ago; I was sending pale arrival information emails to my guests. In time, I observed that they kept asking me questions while they could actually Google them. Can I rent bicycles, where to eat, do I need to rent a car, h...
I have been working on SEO for our Destin Condo Rental at Pelican Beach Resort website for a few years, and I did well. You will find a lot of articles on web about optimizing your web page, let me summarize the main bullets before giving some additional advice:The obvious Build SEO friendly page...
Since I established my business Destin Condo Rentals to rent our Pelican Beach Resort Condos, I have listed it with several channels. Here is a comparison with my experience. I need to remind you that all channels will incur 3% credit card fees and also will not properly protect you against charg...
Lately, I realized that, I more utilize businesses who are listed under BBB. That maybe the confidence of having an option to complain and get results.Therefore, last week, I decided to list by Vacation Rental business Destin Condo Rental under BBB Pensacola, FL. Here are the few justifications I...
No long time ago, but in July 2016, I decided to buy a condo in Vacation Rental in Destin, FL. Before that, I have been long time doing my due diligance to buy a long term rental in DFW are in North Texas, however the calculations were solid that I could hardly pay my monthly payments for a 15 ye...
The beaches of the Gulf Coast are some of the best in the United States. Consistently ranked as a favorite among beachgoers, the coast along the Gulf of Mexico is known for its white, sugar-sand beaches and calm emerald green waters. Access to the water is found in beach towns in Mississippi, Ala...

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