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Whenever your vehicle has been declared a total loss, the insurance company will offer you a settlement based on the fair market value of your vehicle. (this works for cars, motorcycles, RV's, boats, etc.)In the realm of United States tax law, the definition of "fair market value" is found in the...
In the world of meteorology, whenever it looks like rain, an umbrella is good to have around. In the world of insurance, a Liability Umbrella can protect you from getting soaked as a result of losing a liability lawsuit. People are suing each other today more than ever. Verdicts amounting to hund...
Simply stated: A deductible is the amount that you pay toward a loss or claim before the insurance company begins to pay. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. The more you are willing to participate in your loss, the greater the savings on your premium. The insurance company will o...
101 Ways to Save Money and Live Better is provided for one purpose and one purpose only!TO CHANGE YOUR THINKING.    You thought I was going to say, “To save you money,” didn’t you?      You will save money by using these ideas.  You might even save a lot of money.  But…Until you change your think...
The delivery of TAX-FREE LIFE INSURANCE proceeds is one of the most powerful social and economic forces in our country. What a shame that so many people don’t understand or appreciate its value. As you carefully read this post, you’ll be better able to make wise and forward-thinking decisions reg...
In PART 1 we had a brief introduction to the 7 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy Life Insurance.  Here's the REST OF THE STORY..... Review PART 1 if you'd like before moving on here...    Life Insurance Need-to-Know #4Once you buy it – KEEP IT until your reason for buying it no longer exists...
As professionals each in our disciplines of this great industry, from time to time we need to know some quick facts or background in one of the other disciplines.  During the 30+ years I've been running my State Farm Insurance Agency from San Diego, CA, I've had literally hundreds of opportunitie...
In Part 1, we gave your a brief introduction to Homeowners and talked about how much coverage you need on your home.  In this section, we'll be getting into your PERSONAL PROPERTY and LIABILITY coverage issues you need to know about as a HOMEOWNER.   So let's get started..... :)  COVERAGE FOR YOU...
Your home is likely your single largest investment. Protecting it properly is critical to your financial security. If you’ve only been guessing until now, then guess no longer. Insurance for your home need not be a shot in the dark. There aresimple ways to determine EXACTLY how much insurance you...
OK... So I went to a wedding last night.  Had to stay out WAY PAST MY BEDTIME (but that's a whole 'nuther post) It was a beautiful church, candles, petals on the bridal runner (or whatever that thing is called that the bride walks on with her dad), tuxedos, flowers, pretty music, 6 attendants on ...

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Dennis Volz - State Farm Agent

Dennis Volz