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Mark Nash writes in the Colorado Realtor magazine a well worded article about what home buyers want and don't want and what the professionals should be paying attention to. According to the latest issue of Colorado Realtor this is what home buyers are looking for: In: The housing correctionOnline...
The homeowner who is looking for a ‘green home' is looking for something energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. It's trendy, friendly and something to brag about. The rewards come in the long term in the form of tax credits, lower energy costs, a comfortable home, better resa...
 Remember the movie City Slickers? Billy Crystal and his friends go to New Mexico for a cattle drive - "Like in a truck". Part way threw the movie the Trail Boss Curly asks Mitch "Do you know what the secret of life is?" and held up one finger. I've been using the tag line "Do the Right Thing" fo...
                                                                                                                                                                                                            I'm happy to announce that I'm of moving my real estate license to Colorado Western Real Esta...
The Home Energy Rating System is an Environmental Protect Agency program. Houses are rated on the following features:                                      1. Effective InsulationProperly installed, climate-appropriate insulation in floors, walls, and attics ensures even temperatures throughout th...
Inspired by Jeff Turners recent blog: The Power of Active Rain I decided to start exploring the poverty of Pueblo Colorado immediately. After googling Poverty Pueblo Colorado I got this site: www.Citytowninfo.com  which compares my city to 100 other similar cities. Citytowninfo.com breaks down th...
I've been fortunate in finding some very useful information lately. In my blog A Little Free Knowledge I told you how to get a free copy of Eco-Structure magazine. Now I have another freebie for those of you interested in learning more about Smart Growth. On Common Ground tackles subjects like Gr...
Four retired guys were walking down the street in Ft. Meyers, Florida when they saw a sign that said, "Old Timer's Bar" "All Drinks 10 Cents!"They looked at each other, then went in, thinking this is too good to be true.The old bartender said in a voice that carried across the room, "Come on in a...
janeAnne and I have been hopefully been teaching and entertaining you with our blogs about the green movement. We have told you that it is energy saving, cost effective, environmental, sustainable, comfortable, imaginative, non fatty and cool. What would it take to get everyone reading our blogs ...
 No it's not a control thing, I think ‘control' focuses on the negative to much. I want to focus on the positive. And this year I'm taking my power back. I'm not going to whine about the last couple of years, they have been tough both personally and professionally and on every level. It's time to...

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