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My personal views about Real Estate and related issues, although my personal views might be a little unorthodox to some people.
If you ever felt like using this approach with wishy-washer buyers, raise your hand.  But raise it low because you may be breaking your association's code of ethics... :)Jokes apart, some buyers need some "convincing".  Anybody with some good stories about high pressure sales and how some realtor...
Some FSBOs might have inspired this cartoon.  I had a client long time ago who changed his mind every week and treatened to withdraw the listing every now and then.  Of course the market was frustrating and homes took 5-8 months to sell.  Nowadays it would be different.  Now I understand that ins...
How far can the "gimmicks" take us?  I like to be "visible" to my clients and "stand up" among the competition, but I couldn't go that far without feeling bad about it.  Would you guys care to comment on whatever you have seen out there that resembles the message below?   I like collecting fun th...
I bet some lenders have faced this kind of approach...  Lenders, would you share your horror stories about clients who think they can get the moon for the price of a grain of salt?  To make it ethical, don't share names or dates, but please don't hide the sordid details.  They can be funnier than...
On a side note, why do we call it "new and improved"?  If is new, it couldn't have been improved upon, if is improved, it can't be new...  (Talk amongst yourselves and explain that one)If you have one of those homes that don't have many features worth talking about, you can use this comment:   
As much as we complain about life in these United States, as a foreigner I can safely say that the best country in the world (The ol' U. S. of A.) is getting actually better and better every year.  Here are some facts for everyone to consider... Just think... If we've come this far in the last hu...
Memorizing scripts - Is it for everybody?  Children, as well as adults, are forced to memorize long scripts in order to be part of a play. If even older actor or actresses can do it, why can't a salesperson? I would say that memorizing scripts is the biggest concern for sales people. They just ge...
I hope the translation (from the original Portuguese) is ok...  don't judge the translation just the contents. A cannibal goes to the butcher to buy human brains for a special dinner.  When he gets to the counter he overhears the owner bragging about the high quality of brains he has in stock... ...
I like to study different communities (as a lay person) and moving to the U.S. 20 years ago gave me the opportunity to compare SAO PAULO, the largest city in South America (where I lived for a few years), with CLINTON, UT, where I live now.  From over 21 million people, to less than 15,000.  The ...
I know the war is no joke, but it may end soon, so I better discard all my old jokes.  It may not relate to real estate now, but after the war the land will be way cheap in the Middle East, don't you think?An American soldier conducts a questioning session in Iraq: -          Name?-          Abu ...

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My personal views about Real Estate and related issues, although my personal views might be a little unorthodox to some people.