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I Don't Want To List Your Home, I Want To SELL Your Home. And below is how I intend on doing it. Don't wait to invite me to your home to see how I work, watch this video and see right now what I'd say if we were sitting down at your kitchen table talking business. If you like what you see and hav...
Toledo Real Estate Resource | Home Seller Helpkit. First Time Home Sellers or Seasoned Veterans. Every Home Seller will benefit from this free video. If you're in the market to sell a home in the Toledo OH area, take a few minutes and learn what's really going on in the market and what you need t...
What Every For Sale By Owner Should Know. Thinking of selling your home on your own? Low equity have you worried? Watch this video to see why sellers have been hiring Realtors for over 200 years. There's a reason over 70% of sellers eventually hire a Realtor. No gimmicks, just hard facts ...   Go...
Toledo Real Estate Resource | Home Buyer Helpkit. First Time Home Buyers or Seasoned Veterans. Every Home Buyer will benefit from this free video. If you're in the market to purchase a home in the Toledo OH area, take a few minutes and leaarn what's really going on in the market and what you need...
Oxymoron Diaries | Numb Feeling. I've had this one in draft mode for awhile now, simply because I was too ticked at myself to write it. Ticked at myself because the oxymoron "numb feeling" I'm talking about is inspired by my own thumb. Yes, my thumb. Okay, so here's the story ... I was making a v...
Oxymoron Diaries | Fragile Strength. This oxymoron phrase has been rolling around in my skull for a few weeks now, but today seems to be the day that it pops on out and enters the real world. I heard this in a song recently, don't remember which one right now, but it reminded me of something I've...
Oxymoron Diaries | Click Start to Shut Down. Yes, I am having computer issues. And yes, if I click start and shut down it usually fixes the problem. A lot of times people forget this quick, easy little fix. In fact, when my sonny-in-law was in Czech doing missionary work after high school, his te...
I admit it. My house is a mess. In fact, my house is such a mess that the minute you walk in the door, the phrase "Clean House" turns into an oxymoron. Clean House is an oxymoron at my house right now.   A Domestic Goddess, I am not. Even on a good day my home is not spotless. The only time it re...
Oxymoron Diaries | Cheap Gas. The only thing I need to say about this oxymoron is ... $4.19 a gallon in Toledo, OH today. NOT cheap gas.   Click here to Like The Oxymoron Diaries on Facebook Click here to Subscribe to The Oxymoron Diaries Click here for an excerpt of The Oxymoron Diaries "Twelve ...
Oxymoron Diaries | Walk-In Chiropratic. My husband pointed out this potential oxymoron to me the other day as we were driving by a building that had signage saying Walk-In Chiropractic. Being a person who has back issues and who has had spinal surgery, I immediately related. I have not, however, ...

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A Daily Drizzle of Real Estate Information and Humor, including the Real Estate Climate in Northwest Ohio, with Toledo Home Search thrown in, too.

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