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In a recent Pre-Market Home Selling Consultation, I recommended to a Calgary, Alberta home seller that they begin the process of moving and packing now. They were moving for a job transfer and were hesitant about having to do this since their employer would pay for the movers to pack later. It di...
Let me start by saying that I'm sure you are! But can you spell better than a 5th grader?? There's the $64,000 question! (Am I mixing up my game shows?) I know . . . spelling is kind of a picky thing. It's not as sexy as tweeting, updating or blogging . . . but it says just as much about you! Som...
We've all seen those MLS real estate photos where the vertical lines are going every which way . . . except straight up and down. In a recent post, as a Calgary real estate Photographer, I've already discussed how to avoid that while you are taking the pictures. But what do you do if you didn't g...
Yesterday, January 20th, was the Calgary Real Estate Board Conference and Tradeshow event in Calgary, Alberta. GreenApple Staging & Images was proud and excited to be an exhibitor, among approximately 100 others, all contributing to the theme, "A Brave New World". The GreenApple team had a great ...
I know I've already had a little rant early this morning. But I came across something new in the meantime. I just read a featured post about a great technique of how to neutralize all those family photos when selling a home. The author is as sweet as can be, I believe, however . . . she suggested...
Here's maybe the most useful tip anyone could give you to instantly improve your MLS real estate photos . . . get lower. That's it! Just get lower. Take a look at this photo from a home in Calgary, Alberta . . . As a real estate photographer, I have seen this a thousand times. The walls are flari...
I started my home staging business not as an outlet for interior decorating -- as some people would assume -- but because I love the excitement of buying and selling real estate in Calgary, Alberta. In order to achieve any successful sale, you have to effectively merchandise your product. In this...
January, 20th is the sixth annual Conference and Tradeshow for the Calgary Real Estate Board. They've promised to tell us about the brand new economy, brand new consumer and brand new technology. Certainly these are themes that we are all eager to explore after some pretty uncertain times! I'm lo...

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