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Several months ago, I downsized an elderly lady from her home to a retirement center.  She mentioned her concern for her daughter who was almost 70. You see the daughter had taken a reverse mortgage many years ago, was ill and did not know what her options were.  Like many seniors, she was misinf...
Email from one of my Reverse Mortgage guys: "A Realtor in Orange County recently turned straw in to gold by referring a baby boomer client to us for the use of our Reverse-Mortgage-for-Purchase Program.  The customer was on the fence about listing her home until the Realtor explained that the Rev...
If you are thinking of downsizing your parents, please locate an “SRES” - Senior Real Estate Specialist. The SRES certification class introduces real estate agents to the various elements involved when downsizing seniors/elders.  Guess what guys. Age is not necessarily the main factor in downsizi...
More than 80% of all seniors own their own homes and most remain in their homes until they have to be forced out for medical reasons.  Coming from a different era, many are concerned about saving the house for their kids.  This is so unfortunate to see a senior live in a home that has become func...
 Recently I blogged about using a Reverse Purchase Mortgage to downsize into a smaller home for seniors above 62 with no payment ever!  What if two seniors above the age of 62 want to sell their current home and downsize into a smaller home and live together?  Is it possible to use a Reverse Mort...
If you are 62Plus, you more than likely qualify for the Reverse Purchase Program.  Without giving a long explanation, I will give you an example of how it works.  Currently your home value is $500,000.  You have lived there for 30 years but it is too big for you now.  At 2800 square feet, you wis...

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