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Now, I've made some pretty dumb interesting statements in my life, statements that have in retrospect probably cost me a thing or 2, and some things that have come out of my mouth have often prompted me to say " Did I say that out loud?", but I have also HEARD a few zingers come out of the mouths...
I recently received a question on Trulia (I monitor buyers questions and inquiries for Salt Lake and the surrounding areas) from a buyer interested in townhomes.  He was asking for an agent to help him negotiate on a property in a golf course community, ok, right up my alley!  I looked at the lis...
These 10 Commandments home buyers must follow may seem like common sense to many. Buyers, however, can sometimes forget with all the excitement surrounding the buying of their new home. In the past couple of weeks, I have heard of two separate buyers who saw their home loan turned down, and their...
I really dislike this slimy advertising.  You too?  Lets do something about it. I received this junk mail postcard in the mail today. My first question is, who sent it? The company names used are Lincoln Capital and and Lincoln Capital Group with a California DRE license number of 01414409. CA DR...
I am watching my grandson, Alex, play at this moment.  He has a bright smile, a very sweet nature  and the mischievous look of a 5 year old about to totally tease his younger sister. He is swinging right now as any child his age would love, the problem is...he will never Stop swinging unless we p...
Just when we were beginning to think there was no light at the end of the tunnel, the ruby slippers come through again!  Utah just ok'd a grant for existing new construction of up to $6,000.   This new grant is available to anyone buying new construction...that being defined as a home that has ne...

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