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I will post information related to social marketing, real estate, and internet marketing. I will also post off topic humorous things when I find them.
I was hoping to post good news to my blog today but the opposite is the case.  We lost our son last week.  When we went to the doctor to check on his lungs, they discovered that his heart had stopped beating.  Instead of delivering a beautiful bouncing baby boy, we had to deliver a beautiful ange...
The medical professionals have done it again!  They decided to take my baby early which means that we are going to deliver him on the 14th of August instead of the 4th of September as orginally scheduled.  This means thtat I will be out of commission for about a week.  I just thought you guys mig...
If you're on the web long enough eventually you'll get an invitation to join an online social networking group.  How do you determine if that group is worth your time?  First you should look at the members that are already a part of the network.  Are they your target market?  If not, then I don't...
When you start talking about social networking there is usually a conversation about quality vs. quantity.  Some people think that you should build a small network of people that you are closely connected to.  Others think that you should focus on building the largest network possible and then fo...
By now you've signed up for linkedin and you have created an awesome profile.  Here comes the fun part: Adding Connections.  First you want to start with your real world connections.  These are the people you work with, went to school with, current and past clients, and people you may worship wit...
I am listed on the top 25 list of virtual assistants! Whoo hoo! That means that my hard work is paying off somewhere. I am not thrilled with the fact that I am number 25 on the list. I guess that just means that I need to keep blogging and commenting. Now which way is that Active Rain Addicts mee...
Here is part 2 of my LinkedIn series.  This section will cover what information goes in your LinkedIn Profile. Picture: You can upload a picture to your profile.  This will help your contacts remember who you are. Headline: This should be something catchy but not too long.                 Example...
Don't get too comfortable. Just because you might be sitting pretty with a decent rank on ActiveRain now doesn't mean that there isn't a newbie out there somewhere working diligently to take your spot. Don't stop blogging! I know things come up and you may have to be away for a few days due to an...
The first thing you have to do to use LinkedIn is join and set up a profile.  You join LinkedIn by going to the LinkedIn website.  Once you go to the website, you fill in your name and email address.  After you hit continue, you will be taken to another screen where you will be asked to create a ...
Well folks I did it!  I have reached 10,000+ points on ActiveRain.  I think that officially makes me an ActiveRain Addict.  I did it mostly through blogging and commenting on blogs.  Let's see how long it takes me to get to 20,000.  Hey, I am one of those types that need a challenge. 

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