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I will post information related to social marketing, real estate, and internet marketing. I will also post off topic humorous things when I find them.
Well so far I have completed two articles for my challenge.  Basically, I am attempting to write 30 articles in 30 days.  I write articles for other people to post on their websites.  This helps increase my credibility as well as provices free traffic to my website.  You're more than welcome to j...
I think I've finally lost my mind.  I've joined a bundle of other Internet Marketers in a challenge to write 30 articles in 30 days.  Here's a little background.  One good way to get free traffic to your website is to write articles and post them to article directories for people to post on their...
3 Reasons This Tweet Uses TwitterTwitter is a microblogging tool.  It allows you to communicate with others by letting them know what you are doing at that moment.Here is why I like to use twitter.1.  It allows me to connect with people in my network on a personal level.  There are lots of social...
Okay, you've gotten that all important yes from your LinkedIn connection.  Now what?  You should connect with your LinkeIn contact on other social networking platforms you use.  Is the new contact involved in real estate? Invite him/her to join you here on active rain.  Invite your LinkedIn conta...
Dr. Mani is a heart surgeon that uses internet marketing to raise funds for children born with heart defects.  This year he is holding a tweet a thon to raise money for this cause.  You can help by making a donation and helping to spread the word about this event.  To follow Dr. Mani on twitter j...
One of my friends on twitter is trying to get to 2000 followers.  You can follow him by going to He makes very interesting tweets.  He is a public speaker and a blogger.  He is very well versed in technology related applications.  Check him out and start followin...
In case you're still on the fence about twitter, here is a link to a case study of an actual business that used twitter and the results. Twitter Case Study Basically they assigned one person to be the twitter person. He was assigned to answer people's questions about their product. This person al...
  1. Do follow people that are in your niche market.  2. Be sure to post interesting tweets. Don't let all of your tweets be self promotion. Post information that your target market will find useful.  3. Don't let it all be business. Post some personal and fun stuff too.  4. Don't feel obligated ...
I am at that point where I need something to celebrate.  I am now at the Number 20 position for virtual assistants!  Whoo Hoo!  I am so excited about that.  Of course I know that I have to keep posting to keep moving up in the ranks.  Right now, I'm just doing my happy dance for being in the top ...
Be sure to keep in touch with your LinkedIn Contacts. Once you connect with people on LinkedIn be sure to keep in touch with them. It doesn't have to be much. A simple email or phone call will do the trick. I usually tell people to bookmark my blog since so I don't bombard my contacts with emails...

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