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I will post information related to social marketing, real estate, and internet marketing. I will also post off topic humorous things when I find them.
I've published a book on Amazon! I'm so excited to have this happen. I've written a book on affordable online advertising. It lists ways you can advertise online for $35 or less. As you can imagine, I've been quite busy with that. That is what has kept me away from Active Rain for so long. That a...
I changed the url for my LinkedIn profile.  My new LinkedIn profile is at I just found out that I could change the url without changing my username. I thought that was pretty neat.  LinkedIn was the only place that I didn't have my married name as part of t...
Where does all the time go? I didn't realize it had been almost a month since I last wrote in my Active Rain blog. I think I'm just having too much fun on twitter. Ha Ha. The new things that I have to report is that I don't have an outside blog anymore. Since Active Rain decided to start charging...
I'm not a realtor or an investor (yet) but I've been keeping up with what's going on in the real estate market.  It seems like to me that you can avoid a lot of headache and lost money by getting back to the fundamentals. Don't buy more house than you can afford.  If you're an investor, Don't buy...
I've decided to start the first of what I hope to be a monthly Lunch and Learn Teleseminar Series. I'd like to get some feedback regarding business topics you'd like to hear me talk more about in detail.  Some of the topics that I'm thinking about talking about include, Productivity, Social Netwo...
One of my friends on twitter is looking for a house sitter. He's in the DC area. He's trying to find out estimated rates for house sitters in the DC area.  If you know of anyone could you please send them his way? He's on twitter at Thanks in advance for your help in ...
I tried to post this comment on Jack Bastide's blog, located here: I should never read your tweets before I'm supposed to be taking a break.  You always find a way to suck me back in, Jack. I do follow some people w...
To all of the veterans that may get the opportunity to read this blog, I want to say thank you very much. One of my grandfathers was a veteran of a war (I forget which one). He's long gone now, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the men and women that risk their lives fighting in...
As a follow up to the other post I wrote on this subject, here's how to add your blog to your LinkedIn profile. These instructions are for wordpress blogs.  I do know that this application works only for wordpress blogs and typepad blogs. 1. Log in to LinkedIn 2. Click on the Applications link 3....
Have you been to LinkedIn recently? They've recently added some really cool features. You can add your wordpress blog to your profile.  You can share powerpoint presentations with your network. They have a feature that allows you to share your travel plans so you can easily hook up with your Link...

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