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One little know gem that sits at the southwest corner or Milton, (Actually in Burlington) is the Burlington  Air Park. This aviation facility was brought to life in 1962 by Victor and Gwen Kovachik. This airfield is for light aircraft and they offer aircraft service maintenance and storage for 15...
The Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) will shortly be expiring. You have until February 1, 2010 to take advantage of this benefit. If you are wondering what or how to claim this credit, follow this link.
As the 2010 Olympics are approaching I thought you might be interested to know that 2 Canadian Real Estate Agents will be participating. Let's all cheer for our colleauges as they bobsled their way to a Gold. full story here:
Land Severance in Ontario If you find yourself in the situation where you would like to severe some land and are not sure of how to proceed then read on. Land severanceis the separation of a piece of land to form a new lot, authorization from the appropriate authority is required to do this. The ...
The ultimate method of putting yourself out there. But how many channels should be used, there is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, flickr, digg, fark, slashdot, blinklist, reddit, :U_(*^(IGUPIUGP. Oops, sorry I just lost my concentration. Where does it stop and where do you start. What is sufficient f...
If you are thinking of becoming a Real Estate Agent in Ontario Canada you are taking a big step. I would recommend that you plan very carefully. Ensure that financially you will be able to go at number of months without an income. Also, once you have passed the three required courses you will hav...
For those of you that follow DR OZ's TV show, there was a little bit of interesting information on there the other day. You know those bulk bins in the grocery stores with the buns in them, well the good news is they do get cleaned. The bad news is the item found at the bottom of the bin the most...
I recently sold my home and had to put things in storage for about a year until my new home was ready. As a moving company was not an option for my I decided to use a service that will drop a container off, and then pick it up after you have loaded it. Once they pick it up they will also store it...
I erks me a bit to see some Realtors stating I have lived here for x number of years and therefore I really know the market in the area. Knowing the history of an area is nice, but I don't think that translates to the state of the current market. If it does then I want to talk to this person so I...
Most home owners in Canada have at one timed been involved with CMHC. If you did not have at least 20% of your homes price then your home was insured with CMHC. The payments were added to your mortgage and amortized over the period of your mortgage. This is only what most of us know. They do howe...

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