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This site is an opportunity, and your "go to" place, to get important questions answered about your own real estate concerns or problems. Also, become familiar with the Ballantyne Area, South Charlotte, Waxhaw, and Union County, NC. If a question is best answered by attorney or an accountant, we will so advise you seek one. Otherwise, if you are looking for advice on the purchase or the sale of your property, you'll find our information helpful and responsive. We look forward to hearing from you and addressing your particular concerns.
According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales increased nationwide in May as buyers finally began to take advantage of the lower home prices.  Foreclosures and short sales, no doubt, influenced this increased activity in the market.  Actual numbers vary from region to reg...
The following is provided by a friend of mine and regular contributor to my blog: Will your listing appraise for the value on the sales contract?  Will that appraisal pass mortgage underwriting?  With tighter mortgage industry guidelines, thoroughly check comparable sales to support your list pri...
Interest rates are low; incentives for buyers are abundant, property values in the Charlotte Area market have increase in spite of national news.  So, where are the buyers?  Opportunities for instant equity are plentiful.  What is driving the reluctance or fear to take advantage of these market c...
In my last blog post, we talked about selling your home in a challenged market, as many are experiencing today.  When such a climate exist, it requires us to do things a little more intentionally than usual, unless of course, we are in a position to put the home on the market for significantly le...
Do what the other sellers aren't willing to do.  Are we in a challenged market right now in North Carolina, and our own Charlotte market?   Sure we are.  But it is not near as bad as in other areas of the country, or as bad as some of you may remember from the late 70's.  We had double digit infl...
Underwriting rules are being modified just as quickly as mid-day rate prices.  Compensating factors and exceptions for income, debt ratio, credit or down-payment that used to be the "norm" may still be listed in investor's guidelines, but are unlikely to pass underwriting.  Automated underwriting...
March 6, 2008Don't blink, fixed rates might jump again.  Rates increased by as much as half a point this week.  Fixed Mortgage Rates are based on special bonds called Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS).  Contrary to what you may have heard, fixed mortgage rates are not based on Treasury Bonds, not ...
Time For Fence Sitters to Jump OffInventories are beginning to drop with builders in the area and sales are starting to improve.  Why is this coming about when the press still talks doom and gloom?  Market forces.  Interest rates have showed signs of creeping up an little bit, and when inventorie...
Retirement Isn't What It Used To BeThe AARP has released some very interesting statistics on retirement plans of the current labor force.I think these stats are a great indication of why the profession of Real Estate Agency makes so much sense for many who may be thinking of a career change, or s...
It is Valentine's Day, and I just returned from Atlanta last night from our 2008 Edition of Family Reunion.(Yes, I did bring flowers home with me to my bride) and a day early.  She was really taken by surprise, and was concerned her husband might show up any minute.  Just kidding!  I'm pretty goo...


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