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Buying or Selling in the Las Vegas area - Las Vegas Real Estate News By: Dawn Barrier at HOMESMART ENCORE (702) 812-4550 s.65708 Las Vegas Real Estate News Blog - Housing Trends
APPROVED HENDERSON SHORT SALE - APPROVED SHORT SALE BY PENNY MAC HENDERSON SHORT SALE APPROVED in ....approx 8 weeks....and...had to get 2nd buyer as first buyer changed their mind...which unfortunately does happen often in Short Sales. Way to go Penny Mac-Thank you!               SEARCH LAS VEGA...
DOCS NEEDED For Short Sale•1.       Authorization form•2.       Hardship letter•3.       Mortgage Statement •4.       Financial Worksheet   •5.       2 months paystubs•6.       2 months bank statements•7.       2 years tax returnsIf you don't have these, I need a letter explaining why to present ...
It seems even more are choosing to walk away from their home, even the wealthy!  Many are still in denial. Although most will not be sympathetic or even care that the rich are walking away, but it gives us a possible indication of where things could be headed. Read the NYTmes article.... SEARCH L...
Las Vegas Area- Desert Shores Lake Picture   SEARCH LAS VEGAS MLS SHORT SALE Information for Sellers If you would like me to list your home for sale, please call me at (702) 812-4550. If you would like more information, pricing and pictures of homes for sale, just call or email me and I can emai...
 A few shots from the Las Vegas Area...Yep, that is a Duck crossing sign..LOL...on the Hudson!In the Desert Shores area.   
Up 53% from a year ago the video from Diane Olick of CNBC... Some think the defaults will slow others think they will increase. I'm sure it depends on your area, but lets face it some are just sick and tired of paying on homes they will never pay off. Blog Disclaimer-This is a personal ...
I mentioned this previously Home Buyers TAX CREDIT EXTENSION of CLOSE OF ESCROW-Harry Reid pushes for New Amendment Well, so much for keeping our fingers crossed for our Las Vegas Short Sale buyers. But it ain't over 'til it's over. Yes, it's dead now, but Senate sources say they are looking into...
 In this economy many homeowners are rethinking their home decor and how much "stuff" they need.New trends in home decor may mean less is more and a mixing of old and new. Ck out this article at  RISMEDIA, By Jean PattesonLess-is-More Decor Becoming More Popular Blog Disclaimer-This is a personal...
This number is for Nevada customers to call if they are having problems with making their mortgage loan payments.  The bank also opened an office in Henderson on June 1 and hopes to open more soon.  Call the number to get help and set up a possible appointment. Bank of America to Open Loan Mod Ce...
Las Vegas Single Family Resale Homes Inventory Level is at 9,208  homes per our local MLS, up since last report .  This is for homes without contracts on them.  Approx 3,769 are Las Vegas Short Sales. Approx 4,455 are in the $100,000 to $200,000 price range.Now, this does not cover condos or town...

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Buying or Selling in the Las Vegas area - Las Vegas Real Estate Blog By: Dawn Barrier at HOMESMART ENCORE (702) 812-4550

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