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So is everyone getting ready for the data dance? What is the data dance you ask? Well, it’s becoming one of the largest spectator sports this side of property lot lines. It’s the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual display of data points and trend lines put forth by just about every known rea...
As many people in the Davis County communities of Farmington, Kaysville, Layton, Clearfield, Syracuse and Clinton know, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to study a potential t...
Over the weekend I was able to get some new photos of the Station Park development (finally a near sunny day) and also get an update on anticipated timelines for some of the early openings. Harmons continues to plan for a May opening.  Based on construction to date, it certainly looks like that w...
Believe it or not, another year has come and gone. To the left  is a link to my year-end Farmington Inventory Summary which highlights real estate activity in Farmington (and Davis County) over the course of the past year. It’s been an interesting year in the local real estate industry. There was...
This is a great article from Jay Markanich, a home inspector in Virginia.  He wrote this article in December, but I thought it would be a good primer for buyers who might have interest in purchasing a "flipped" home, as well as for sellers who might want to re-consider "cutting corners" as a good...
Frank Garay and Brian Stevens of Think Big Work Small did a nice video spot today on not only the magnitude of the decline in the housing market, but then compared it to "other issues" that have been dominating the nation's attention (while Rome burned).  As their presentation states, the nation'...
With continued elevated inventory levels and interest rates at generationally low levels, I have conversations about the viability of real estate as an investment on a regular basis. Now, for those of you who recall my earlier post about homeownership, I do not consider residential real estate an...
  John Mulkey in Georgia wrote an excellent article on the impact the real estate bubble bursting will have on real estate pricing well into the future.  He does a good job of explaining the difference between housing prices and equity appreciation (they are two very different factors).  When att...
Well with just a few weeks left before the end of the year, here is my real estate Inventory Summary for Farmington through the end of November. There are a couple of interesting data elements that, eleven months into the year, may surprise some who haven’t followed the market throughout the year...
I recently discussed the historically low interest rates we currently experience and how, from a leverage cost perspective, this is a wonderful time to be a buyer of real estate (not to mention all that inventory to choose from). I promised a follow up article to actually illustrate the impact sm...

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