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Hello out there,Well I thought I share a day in the life of living in Liberty Station.  It's rough, you wake up with an average temperature outside of 60 degree's (yes this is at 7am, not early.)  Then you roll over to the cafe and have a coffee, only to ponder your day (before yoga class.)  Then...
Hello CyberWorld,Well its been a 13 year journey but its finally come to an end.  When I first started lending in Liberty Station (Point Loma) while they were just starting to build as new construction we pleaded with the builder to make the whole project VA approved and they declined.  Now 13 ye...
Well Hello, So today we added some more bad news for the economy.  The jobs report was once again below were we need to be to truly start lowering the unemployment rate (not just having it lowered because of people "giving Up" and exiting the job force.)  The good news is though that interest rat...
Hello, Thank you for stopping by as well.  Well I am writing this becuase it seems like we are back in 2006 again except with lower rates.  So what to think about the current market?  Well, housing supply is beyond low, rates are climbing (we had the largest movement in a month since 2008) and le...
Hello, Well thank you first for stopping by.  So it is 2004 to 2006 again?  I realize most realtors of the late have just entered the industry and this market seems amazing and perfect for selling.  The current market though does have it's upside and downside as well as the gains being had now ar...
Hello All, So I decided to make a change and step out of the comfort zone to expand my horizons.  Changes brings discomfort and usually pain, as humans become creatures of habit and most don't llike change.  Change brings new life though and provides for growth.  So I welcome this and all it brin...
Hello, Well I'll make this short and sweet.  I ran across my favorite type of real estate agent, you know the Agent/lender/notary through a referral from another client.  The client wanted me to look at his deal because it just didn't feel right.  So low and behold after looking at it there was f...
My heart and prayers go out to all those murdered today and those who lost their lives trying and saving others.  May God Bless you and Long live Our Nation. America is the greatest country in the world and we are protected by the greatest Military (Guns, and Men/Woman who give up everything for ...
Hello out there, So when was the last time you pushed your limits?  What did you do and how did you feel afterword?  When is the next time you are going to do it again? Yesterday I stepped onto the warm sand with the cool breeze blowing with the sound of small thunder in the background. As I step...
Hello All, So recently I attended a event that was made to entice people to take action and do things they have never done.  Strangely enough most of the people in the crowd seemed amazed at the concepts (none of which where new and most were tried and true.)  As the cameras fanned the convention...

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