Have you ever delayed getting a problem fixed around your house?  What were your reasons?  One huge factor causing people to procrastinate is uneasiness.  Having or suspecting mold in your home seems to be the type of problem that creates questions, doubts, and concerns that lead homeow...
            Are you considering building a home, buying a home, or selling the one you’re in?  If you are, then the question of the roof is sure to come up.  No one wants to purchase a home knowing that they’ll immediately have to repair or replace the roof.  Likewise, if you’re selling, you’ll h...
            Recently in a large city not far from where I live, people began receiving water bills that were totally out of line and seemingly ridiculous.  Some of them were well over $1000 for one month’s service.  Of course residents complained—some to the municipality, some to the media, and m...
I have always wondered about this. Would the proper term not be sales rep? Insurance folks and realtors are both selling right? Could you kind folks help me undertand this please? Thank you, David Snell
You might want to consider changing your pass word immediately. This has been brought to you by David Snell with  
          Winter in the South this year appears to be nearly over.  People are getting out into their yards, planting flowers and gardens, and enjoying the sunshine; however, for some the season change brings something not at all pleasant.  It brings asthma and allergies.  According to the Asthma...
            Many of us would love to have an artfully landscaped yard containing lovely blooms, constantly fragrant flowers, instant shade, and the sound of a bubbling water feature to help us enjoy the outdoors around our homes.  Few of us, however, have the money—an estimated 5 to 15% of the va...
          The weather in our area this year has been quite unpredictable.  We’ve had it all—lightning, serious rain, hail, strong winds, and tornadoes jumping from one community to the next ripping up trees and wreaking havoc on neighborhoods.  The aftermath of all this was to rebuild and repair ...
  Here is the second part of the flood disaster I outlined in previous article. This part will focus more on the remediation process that had to take place. It was a timely process, and the family was definitely put through a lot as well. In the end though they pulled through great and were able ...
  This is part 1 of 2 of one of the more serious cases of water intrusion that I have had to deal with in my career. The first part of the story covers a little bit of background leading up to the initial disaster. Part 2 will cover the remediation of the water damage in the condo’s to illustrate...

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