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David Snell loves to be social and loves writing helpful articles that will assist the home owner as well as commercial client. Every thing from Mold Inspections to Mold Removal and helpful tips.



What to do when you have mold in the house You go and open your kitchen cabinets or drawers and find a black fuzzy looking alien growing on the walls, And no, this isn't your kids science experiment. So what do you do now? It really depends on what you are dealing with as to how to tackle the pro...
Adding Links To the Side Panel of Your ActiveRain Blog This is a great way to add more exposure to your site. I am learning right along with the rest of the newbies but this is a great feature I have noticed. These links (shown below) offer a chance to expose our sites to every reader that crosse...
North Carolina Wineries - 100th Winery in North Carolina Opens Did you know that North Carolina is home to over a one billion dollar winery industry? North Carolina wineries are among 7th in the nation for the top wine producing states. The latest is Cauble Creek Vineyard just outside of Salisbur...
Drama Queens/ Drama Queen ~ What do women want? Help! What is a drama queen? Who are these drama queens? Not sure why there are so many but they are out there by the boat load and I don't know why. Why is it when we go out to do an inspection or do restoration work that women have to tell me or m...
Dang It! I Entered that Stupid Word Wrong Again and Lost My Whole Comment! You know that word? That silly, crazy made up word at the end of the blog to verify that you are a human? It's called a re-captcha word and it's so computers don't randomly come and post garbalygook on your blog comments. ...
Meeting People in Devastating Circumstances is No One's Cup of Tea But sooner or later we all eventually meet up with someone that may have had some tragedy, some set back or catastrophe in their life and we may not know how to handle it. As a home restoration specialist, it's my job to restore s...
Need a Little Frog in Your Life? This is just crazy frog man doing his thing... Enjoy! Saw this the other day and figured we all needed a little crazy nonsense in our lives. Enjoy it and this guy is just crazy! I didn't think our bodies were meant to do that... probably not actually.
If Your Broker Decides to be RealtorsĀ® Where is the Choice to Play by a Higher Standard? I may be out of line on this one and need some correcting but something has been bothering me for a while. I was recently informed that to be a RealtorĀ® one must be a member otherwise you are simply an agent ...
It only works if you work it. - Why ActiveRain Works - You Got to Work it, Work it.... Isn't that the case for everything? If you don't work it, it won't happen.. if you build it, they will come... etc... I have seen a few blogs around town lately about upgrading to the Rainmaker account. Why do ...
Should you have an inspection prior to renting? This has been a cause for concern and controversial one at that. Should renters have an inspection done prior to moving in? Well it begs to have some argument because I believe there is some merit to this. 1. If a renter has an inspection done when ...

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Executive Restoration LLC has been in business since 1987. David Snell is a Certified Mold Inspector for Residential and Commercial Properties. David Snell is a Certified Mold Remediator for Residential and Commercial Properties. David's passion is, All Things Mold Related. WWW.EXECUTIVERESTORATION.COM