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Real Estate Broker/Owner - CaryRealEstate.com
Have you ever picked up the phone to have a seller client ask - Hey, I just noticed the house down the street went under contract - Why wasn't it ours?! When this happens the agent is often on the defensive /reacting to the situation, not to mention caught off guard. Here's a simple way to be pro...
Hey Realtors: If someone posts a comment to your blog that disparages another Realtor, what do you do? Delete it? Edit it? Ignore it? Under amedned and new Standards of Practice in NAR's Code of Ethics approved by the Board of Directors last week, Realtors will be obligated to delete or issue a c...
Ever wanted to ask a question in your sales meeting but you know the agents will not be excited to raise their hands for a multitude of reasons.  Like a question designed to see how well they understand agency law or how they would handle a specific situation etc. I was in a class a few weeks ago...
  Location: Savannah Georgia - downtown in the historic district On my recent trip to Savannah for the NC Realtors Convention I followed the recommendation of many of my Friends that said - "You have to go eat at Paula Deens Place"  i have to admit - What a Delicious meal! I Opted for the buffet...
Of course I have a flashlight in my vehicle - for all kinds of reasons - but especially for showing homes.  With the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter I found myself out this evening showing homes in the dark. I pulled up to a home right at dusk - no problem with the lockbox - but - uhoh...
On my recent trip to Savannah, Georgia for the NC Realtors Convention (I know why is the NC convention in Georgia) I took an extra day for a little sight seeing.  I stumbled across this magnificent tree - it's called the Chandle Oak.  It's a live Oak.  I also learned where the expression 'Don't ...
The General Assembly has passed Senate Bill 1007 which has a number of changes to our states Home Inspectors and how they are licensed, how much continuing education they are required to take, how they report their findings etc. Here's the Complete Bill if you want to review it. One of the more s...
I passed up on a breakout session on social media which would have been fun, to attend a session on appraisal issues -  I'm glad I made the mature decision! Mel Black was the instructor & he did a great job - very clear information!   Here are a few take aways/notes   Probably the most notable be...

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David Williams is a Trusted Adviser & Friendly Authority for Cary Home Buyers & Sellers. David is a native of Cary, North Carolina and is the Broker/Owner of CaryRealEstate.com .