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What's my house worth?? A question asked by many......but only you know the real answer. The three words of real estate used to be location,location,location... Today the three words of real estate are price,price,price. If you are getting ready to sell your home or currently have your home on t...
  1st time homebuyers have an excellent incentive to "get off the fence"- (A great campaign by the NAR) the $8,000 1st time homebuyers tax credit (a stimulus gift from the government for you just for buying a home........but is the gift really yours ??? Well, you will have to do some homework an...
Buyers bring the listings! Today buyers are finding the listings they want to see off the internet. Buyers are able to search area MLS's on a multitude of websites. The buyer is researching and educating themselves about real estate to the point where they know as much or more than the real esta...
Real estate today is a trying business. Sellers have lost their 401k's, their equity, and hope. Buyers who have also lost their 401k's are struggling with the ability to save and with the perception of "value". Due to the resources and information readily available from the Internet, consumers ar...
Times are tough. The US housing market in it's worst downturn in recent memory. The real estate industry has been forever changed and those who are clinging onto the past will fall fast and hard. The new model for real estate will consist of a realistic approach towards the homeowners that are in...

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