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A great National Historic Landmark visited Gig Harbor this week. Adventuress is an amazing schooner that was built in Maine for the purpose of hunting whales in Alaska. Later she worked as a pilot boat in San Fransico, then during World War II joined the United States Coast Guard protecting San F...
Go with the flow. It was golden nugget. Some of the best advice I was to receive in the next 40 years or so and it was hidden in the last paragraph of a book on sailboat racing. It went something like this; "...and most importantly never forget, on the course as well as life's endeavors-- Go with...
Summer is coming and you're (once again) on the waterfront real estate hunt. What- you say? It looks like every beachfront house in Gig Harbor is over a million bucks now? Don't overlook the Key Peninsula-- It's just not that far out anymore! In fact, the farthest point past Purdy is only about ...
Spring has arrivied in Gig Harbor! Sailboats zig-zag among fishing boats gearing up for a new season. Rhodies are bursting with colorful flowers and these proud parents will have a big job on their hands for the next few months. Raising dozens of fluffy youngsters in Downtown Gig Harbor among do...
Today there's 102 waterfront homes on the market in Gig Harbor and Fox Island (Key Peninsula excluded). The average listing price is $1,312,439 with the median $1,149,500. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around these numbers... Of course some of these homes, including a few very unique mu...
"Commission salespeople make me nervous. I'm considering a limited service brokerage that advertises large savings. I like good service as much as the next person, but I'm very capable. And I'm not into paying extra just for a warm and fuzzy experience... What am I really getting or missing with...
As Gig Harbor awakens to a new selling season hopes and expectations began to build. Buyers are acutely aware of low interest rates and high inventory. Sellers putter with last minute projects while they attempt to quantify the little town's multiplying attractions.For a real estate agent it's a ...
"I don't want to be the guy left standing in a crown, holding a worthless deed, and saying, "I should've dropped the price..."" this point I'm dumping it regardless.  Ideas?""...the new national numbers are scaring the hell out of me""If it went up that much in two years, it can easily go th...
Well, it's that time of year again-- time to put away the holiday decorations. I registered a half-hearted grumble and began organizing lights and Santa trinkets in the garage... Something caught my eye and from a dark corner I pulled out a precious but forgotten treasure, my trusty crystal ball....

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