This just in, a new contender in the Presidential race of 2008... she's totally serious too! You must watch this, never mind Real Estate... some things are more important even than that! Follow this link to understand how the dynamic in this race has just been changed.
I just came back from the first leg of our progressive neighborhood 'National Night Out' gathering in my neighborhood, Boulevard Park. Always a fun night with neighbors gathering at the green and sharing drinks and appetizers . Lot's of local politicians showed including the County Supervisor and...
Those words are enough to cause a gamut of emotions to quicken the heart rates of long time East Sacramentans and some Midtowners too. Centrage, love it or hate it was one of the most vocal fights in memory over a planning and land use question.  A little history, Centrage is a project that was d...
Midtown comes alive on the Second Saturday of each month with literally thousands of people converging on 20th and J to enjoy the festivities! This month should have great weather and lots of music as this year 'Art Walk' has really taken it to a new level. With dozens of galleries open late the ...
I was at a seminar a while back and one of the things I took away from it was Jott is a free...always good... a free web based service that allows you to call a toll free number and dictate a message to a pre set up recipient. Jott then sends a text message to the person as well as a co...
Has anyone else noticed listings in the local MLS that are classified as short sale, list a high commission rate and then in the agent only remarks state that "if the commission is reduced the split will be 60/40 or 57/43 with the higher amount to the listing agent? I have noticed several of thes...
In an interview with a cable news service yesterday former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan spoke about the housing industry and said falling U.S. home prices are "nowhere near the bottom"' as well as that the "resulting market turmoil isn't showing signs of abating." Mr Greenspan went on ...
A funny thing happened on the way to a sale last year.... yes, say it out loud with me...Escrow fell through. I represented the seller and the deal came to an issue that could not be overcome by the parties and fell apart. So forward we moved right? Well sort of... Actually the rest of the story ...
July 23, 2008 San Francisco and all of Northern California have a unique opportunity to welcome Tall Ships  from all over the world as they visit San Francisco Bay. These beautiful ships will sail under the Golden Gate bridge and no doubt bring chills to those who wittiness this piece of history ...
For those of you who are familiar with the event but haven't been in a while you will be pleased to know that 'Second Saturday' continues to thrive in Midtown! This last weekend was no exception, it seems to keep getting larger. This month the Police closed to cars 20th Street between both I and ...

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Some of these entries are reprinted from the monthly column I write for my neighborhood newsletter on local facts, trends and interesting real estate tid bits. Other entries are written either for this blog specifically or other venues and reposted here!