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Transcript: Today I just want to touch base on open houses. They are usually held on Sunday’s, the Realtor open houses with the balloons and everything. I'm really not a big fan of that and I will tell you why. Bottom line is it doesn't work. I have run the numbers every year and we don't have s...
  Transcript: Today I want to touch base with having a sign on your property. I just came from a house we listed and they didn't want a sign. My question is why not? Usually I get the same answers. One mainly is people don't want their neighbors to know. I also hear with the Internet these days ...
Transcript: Today I wanted to touch base on competition vs. comparable. A comparable sale is where a bank appraiser would compare your house to other similar homes; this is what most Realtors do too. They come by your home and show you other similar homes; let’s say you have a cape cod with thre...
Transcript: Today I want to talk about converting oil to gas. I got a phone call earlier today from a husband and wife and they were asking me should we convert. They were looking into getting a new furnace and they already had oil and were wondering if they should convert to gas, which is going...
Transcript: Today I want to touch base on the realtor tour or the realtor open house which is typically done on Wednesday or Thursday depending on your area, as compared to the Sunday open house which is for the public. The realtor tours are just for the realtors to stop by quickly and take a lo...

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