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As usual, real estate is making the headways in Las Vegas and Henderson area. There are fewer and fewer homes for sale. I've been making multiple Offers for my Clients without any great success of acceptance. It really doesn't matter whether it is a short sale, foreclosure or traditional sale. Th...
Do you know that over 48% of our sales were cash transactions last year? I am not even talking about just investors in that category. I can tell you dozens of clients I've talked to over the last few months, you ask them how do they plan investing on their first home. I bet at least 50% told me t...
What I usually do is take out a clip board and mark down all the upgrades through out the house. I start with the Kitchen, such as Counter Tops, Cabinets, Flooring, built in appliances, walk in Pantry. Then you walk into to all the bathrooms and make notes of all the upgrades and features such as...
Do you mirror your customers/clients? Can you relate to them in more than one way? This just hit me this morning, how often we get caught up in our own imagery/appearance and we completely forget about prospective Customers/Clients. What I mean is that, I was always taught to mirror your prospect...
Mortgage Guidelines are constantly changing day by day. Not to mention HVCC nightmare, there are so many other frustrating requests from the banks to the Borrower. I don't want to be complaining about the negatives in our business, but at time, it could be stressful situation for the buyers, sell...
My clients are helping their daughter buy her very first home. They came into my office the other day and the exact question that they ask me was,Dave which is a better loan fha or conventional?My answer was not a flat out "yes fha she is a first time buyer". Sometime we tend to tell our clients ...
Yes there is and I am not talking about buy and bail either. If you are the Seller of a property and are considering a short sale and are afraid if you can ever purchase another home. My answer would be quite possibly yes. One of  the key factor to determine that, is how the short sale was settle...
  This Condo Features 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Ground Floor, Detached Garage, Gated, All the Amenties, BPO is completed. Just waiting for an Offer. Hurry!!! Priced at $87,900.    
In some of the most expensive areas in Las Vegas are going bust. I hate to be negative, but we must lay out the facts so we learn from each other.  The land that was considered premium is going for pennies on a dollar. There are some of the most prestigious areas in Las Vegas and Henderson. Some ...
Short sale is shaping the market as REO did in 2008. In the month of February, 25% of all sales in the Greater Las Vegas valley were short sales. It is amazing how the short sales are changing and shifting the whole market in our area. I am sure the story is the same in other parts of the country...


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