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I recently received an email from a woman who lost her husband to Cancer. She asks; What is the best way to keep from foreclosure on my home? My spouse died from cancer and unfortunately I will receive no life insurance or pension. It looks impossible to keep up with my payments. My sweet sister ...
      The word in the wind is that there will be a Tsunami of bank owned homes coming on the market. It's not hard to believe when you look at the number of foreclosures happening each month. While out previewing homes in the Everett area a week ago for a client I am working for; we came across l...
PUMPKIN PATCHES Visit one of the many popular pumpkin patches in Snohomish County and King County.  Be sure to check out my favorites listed below in Snohomish, Everett, Arlington, Auburn, Carnation, Redmond and Kent!     The Farm 7301 Rivershore RD. Snohomish, WA  425-334-4124 Bob's Corn 10917 E...
I for one am happy to see this.  Day in and day out I sit in the living rooms of families and listen to their stories.  Most times they are heart wrenching.  This press release came out on the 7th of May.  I had just come back from an appointment and had listened to a similar story.  Someone had ...
The business owner that wants to keep his business thriving in difficult times may need to tweak his business practices in today's recession.  No matter what business you are involved in these tips are sure to make you stand out from the competition. Being the expert in your field is of the utmos...
A past client of mine called me last week and asked me if I would help her friend find a new home.  Of course I would!  I love working by referral.  I called her friend and we set up an appointment to meet at my office and go over the particulars.  She is a very nice senior lady, wanting to move ...
Save Money AND Save the Planet Did you know that the aerage distance your food travels from farm to plate is nearly 1,500 miles?  That is a lot of fossil fuel used to transport foods which contribute to global climate change.  Even the refrigeration required to keep your food from spoiling consum...
One of the easiest ways to lower bills is to insulate your home, starting with the attic or crawl space.   When the sun is beating down on your roof, the insulation will help keep your house cool.  Insulation during the winter months taps the heat that rises.  Weather stripping windows and doors ...
As more and more homes come on the market it seems that I am giving the same advice over and over again to my listing clients.  #1 Staging activity Household clutter tends to take on a life of its own.  What starts as just a few items here or there can end up as a mountain of stuff that seems to ...
Finding the right contractor can make all the difference in your home project. Making the effort to hire a reputable and skilled contractor will help save both time and money and ensure that the job gets done.  Me or them?  A generation ago, most people did their own improvements around the house...


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