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This property is in a great location!  On the corner of Admiralty Way and Airport Road in Everett, WA.  The property is ready for possible townhome or a multi-family complex.       This property is level, utilities are available and zoned for county. There is a creek that runs through the propert...
Yesterday I made the commitment to blog once a day for 30 days and it started me thinking about choices we make each day - or don't make as the case may be.  From the time we were very young we have made choices that provided some type of result.  When we were younger the choices seemed easy to d...
...are two of the things I'm sure not to miss this year at the Evergreen State Fair.  I love the auto races and with my daughter in tow I'm sure to grab her sticky cotton candy hand at some point during the day!  I love the fair and especially the Evergreen State Fair.  Held in Monroe, it officia...
I listened to a video blog this morning that put the home buying opportunities available today in a different perspective.  First Time Home Buyers need to hear this.  I know I will share this information with as many lucky people as I possibly can.   Did you know that it is possible for a married...
It's that time of year when we start thinking about back to school.  When this time of year rolls around I often have mixed feelings about it.  I realize that the summer season is coming to a close and the Pacific Northwest weather change is approaching quickly.  There is limited "sleep in" morni...
Summer is here and it's not complete without a visit to the Everett Waterfront and Jetty Island!  Jetty Island is a man-made island at the Everett Marina with sandy beaches and swim areas.  It's a great family outing.   See a schedule and contact information for Jetty Island.      Driving instru...
A beautiful home located in the secluded and private community of Machias/Snohomish. A 2 bedroom with the possibility of a 3rd bedroom, 2 Story home sits on 5 acres with walking trails included. A large entertainment deck in the back of the home has plenty of room for get- together's.
  Huh?  If you're confused you are not alone.  Keeping up with the keep your home from foreclosure programs that keep coming out is a daily chore!   Every time someone asks me, "What do you know about this new program "they" are coming out with to help homeowners avoid foreclose?"  I have to ask,...
      We don't hear much in the news about what happens in life after foreclosure. But for many it is continued nights of unrest and concern. While going through the process homeowners are treated rudely and disrespected in many ways, yet many foreclosures are the result of some catostrophe that ...
    In Real Estate, possession is when you actually take control of the property.  The question often comes up as to when that actually occurs.  I have seen this issue to be more important than the price received or paid on a property!  At closing of escrow the buyer is given the keys to the hom...


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