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How Many times this happens in our business, I was traveling home one day and saw a large vessel flipped, and the locals delt with it this way.  I guess the old bird is making the best of it and saying This is the way I roll. LOL>  
  Federal Housing Administration    HUD’s Contingency Plan states that FHA will endorse new loans in the Single Family Mortgage Loan Program, but it will not make new commitments in the Multi-family Program during the shutdown. FHA will maintain operational activities including paying claims and ...
  I often hear them cry why should I, below if information to help all.     A new law emphasizing the importance of carbon monoxide alarms in Washington homes has created many questions about which real estate transactions it affects. Here are a few points synopsized from a recent Coldwell Banker...
Mold is a common occurrence in homes, but it can potentially cause health problems as well as damage to structures and surfaces if it is not controlled. Mold begins growing indoors when spores come in contact with wet surfaces or substances. Once established, mold can be very difficult to remove ...
INFO THAT HITS US WHERE WE LIVE... No one has been more resolute and determined than those working in the housing market and, yes, more opportunities are arising. Last Tuesday new single-family home sales were reported up 2.1% in May, to a better than expected 476,000 annual rate and up 29% versu...
The current market is the best of most worlds: low interest rates, a supply of homes to choose from that are aggressively priced, and lenders who are beginning to engage in 'make sense' loans." TheWashington state housing market allows for a buyers and sellers market. If you are looking to buy a ...
Many people say move on try it somewhere else,the grass looks greener on the other side! In reality the grass is not greener on the other side it is usually brown too! So what is the key, if you want the grass green you need to water it, thats right what ever is our goal, giving them time attenti...
Design A Daily Cleaning Schedule  After all your hard work is done and your house looks like a home ready to move in or be shown!  Make sure that you have a good cleaning schedule in place. Whether you need to make one from scratch or update the one you have, set small daily tasks that will help ...
Change Up Your Accessories For A New Look I don’t know about you, but I like to change up my accessories a little bit for each season. I’m not talking about redecorating necessarily, but  just freshing up a few things. Since it’s Spring, try switching out heavy, darker items out with lighter and ...
Preparation Deck manufacturers suggest using a plastic or rubber-tipped shovel, never a metal shovel, to remove snow from a wooden deck. Choose a sturdy plastic snow shovel with rounded corners to effectively remove heavy snow and debris. Do not shovel across the decking but instead shovel in the...


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