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Have you heard that planning for the future is a good thing, these tips will help guide you to secure future! 1. Compare property values and rents Financial statistics only go so far; the best measure of a property's market value is often the sale prices of nearby properties. The same holds true ...
SMS mobile marketing enables you to reach a targeted audience in a matter of seconds knowing that most people are likely to respond to your text message within an hour of receipt.  Proven to be an effective medium for reaching consumers, the fact is now more than ever business professionals are r...
I find myself overwhelmed by the number and complexity of projects that I have and that need to be completed at work each day? I often feel the day flies by without your devoting the necessary attention to each assignment because other tasks keep landing on my desk.  Have you ever felt that way? ...
Allyn days and salmon bake are traditionally held on the third weekend in July at the Allyn Waterfront Park. This year the festival will be held Saturday and Sunday, July 17-18 and marks the 28th anniversary of Allyn Days! The festival attracts over 1,000 visitors and residents who come for a del...
On the second weekend in August, the North Mason community gathers together to celebrate the Taste of Hood Canal. This event combines a host of mouth-watering food booths, wine-tasting, vendors, a chain-saw carving exhibition, live music, entertainers and vintage cars realtors booth. In addition,...
Tahuya is the most remote of any town in Mason County. At the tip of the Tahuya Peninsula and at the end of a long, winding road, Tahuya acquired its first electricity and phone lines less than 20 years ago. People in Tahuya cherish their seclusion, as well as their view homes from the beach fron...
Construction is underway on the new wastewater treatment and water reclamation facilities in Belfair. This project will convert septic systems within key areas of the Belfair Urban Growth Area to an environmentally-friendly, county-operated sewer utility. These wastewater facilities are needed to...
Its Saturday mornin, Sun shine on the Hood Canal, I  am racing in my mind the listings that need better pictures, and well the files that are closing for second quarter , its time just to sit on the deck and have a good cup of coffee. Days like this are great for reflecting on why I have chosen t...
Its a windy day in the Northwest, and what a great time to fly a kite. With the stress we find ourselves know wonder many forget the simple things in life, like flying a kite, out a the park, or on the beach. Its time to just say"GO FLY A KITE!" Have a great second quarter! www.daryldatus.com
Just what I needed, blue skies and clear view of the Hood Canal. Family friends and a good cup of coffee!! With the buyers credit over, and moving towards summer, its a beautiful day in the northwest. Staying positive and looking to the future helps with my out look, so many Realtors have the ho ...

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