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Benefit From Being Mobile One way the business of Real Estate is transforming is through the idea of mobility. Mobility, according to the dictionary means, changeable or changing easily in expression, mood or purpose. More importantly, being mobile allows for drastic lifestyle changes and lifesty...
Why is the Success Rate Lower for New Realtors than in any other beginning profession?   It  is well documented that the rate of success for Realtors new to the business is very low.  Is it because real Estate has is cursed? Is it because there is a secret elite in the Real Estate community that ...
Rev is adding 10 New Agents by 2..9.09 Rev has opened up their doors once again. Looking to add 10 Mobile Agents! No Fees, Highest Commission Structure, Profit Sharing.   Rev has periodic hiring and only allows 10 at a time do to volume of Agent traffic. Intervies will be conducted until the firs...
It is about time that Real Estate had an innovation that touched a very important class of people, Realtors. REV is the product of 6+ years of Real Estate sales, experience, vision and action. REV is created to provide an environment and structure that will compensate and educate Realtors the way...


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