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    Westminster, CO - Once again, working a short sale with a Large Lender, CitiMortgage, has become an absolute JOKE!!  Our short sale team is off working an FHA short pay-off, and CitiMortgage is the servicer of this loan. For over the last 6 weeks they have DONE nothing on our file, since they...
 Westminster, CO - It is very satisfiying to have a coulpe of our Short Sale listings have a successful closing in the last month, and get SOLD!View those listings, here:         Not only the success of doing what you were hired to do, but to help Home Owners put a STOP to the Foreclosure process...
   Westminster, CO.  Every now and then we come across a story about the actvity of our real estate industry, regardless of who is trying to accomplish a task for our clients, that will cause you to get a big chuckle out of what has transpired. I am not sure who originally wrote this short story ...
Denver, CO - Wow, what a strange day for me while working a showing on an office listing, yesterday. I happen to be in the office when a call came in from a prospective buyer, wanting to view a property in the prestigious community of Legacy Ridge. After, interviewing the buyer with my normal qu...
Denver, CO - I was not quite sure how to Title this article based on the discussion I had with this First Time Buyer, during our consultation this week. I thought maybe I would call it, "Brokers fail a first time buyer", "Licensed professionals drop the ball", "How could this happen in today's en...
UNITED NATIONS SAYS - YOUR LAND IS NOT YOUR OWN You know, this is getting to be a real shame!   This is unacceptable at ANY LEVEL!! Are you aware of what this is all about?   Maybe you should investigate it and find out how it truly impacts our sovereignty!! Since we are Realtors, and we promote ...
Denver,CO – We are moving into the last year of the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Bill, HB3648, that was put into place by the Bush Administration and extended by Obama's until Dec. 20th, 2012. You are asking WHY is this important? Click here to discover how other sellers successfully did a short sa...
Denver,CO – How often do you work with a listing broker of a short sale that does NOT quite understand the timeline in their foreclosure process? This happens way too much! Thus, causing some uncertainty in getting the short sale approval from the bank when less than 30 days from the foreclosure ...
Denver,CO – Understanding what a HELOC is will assist your real estate Advocate, in negotiating the short sale approval in a proper manner. What is a HELOC? Home Equity Line of Credit!! Which means it is NOT like your normal "home loan". In fact, it is not under the same guidelines or regulations...
Denver, CO – There are numerous stories of how the Seller of a short sale got stuck with a promissory note on the deficiency or a part thereof! Having the right Short Sale Broker can help determine when it becomes necessary and when it should NOT be allowed, to reach a successful short pay-off a...

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