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"What You Know May Not Hurt You!"   Westminster, CO - Every now and then, I come across a Blog or two from other real estate professionals through-out the country that share some very interesting information!! Today, is no exception!   I do receive a blog from Rob Minton, a real estate broker fro...
"House Flippers Filling A Necessary Gap!"   Westminster, CO - Over the last 5-7 years or so, the "house flippers" were getting a lot of harsh press by everyone in the real estate industry and Congress!!  Rightly so, is some instances!!  But, not all of that "bad name" calling was directed fairly ...
"Understand Seller Concessions On Home Purchases!" Westminster, CO - Today, I received a Great Video from one of our Local Lenders, in regards to "Seller Concessions", and how they can be applied to your Buyer's financing! Please take the time to view the video, less than 4 minutes.  It may assis...
"The Denver Weather Keeps Us On Our Toes!"     Westminster, CO - The weather in Denver will always bring about a changing climate, and of course, we are a Mile High above sea level.  This sunset photo was taken last night, while driving West in Denver.  For all of those visiting Denver, remember ...
"Unconditional Love From Your Mother!"    Westminster, CO - I hope all of you Moms out there, are enjoying this special day with your family!!!  Nothing is as precious as the "Unconditional Love" you receive from your Mother, regardless of what transpires through Life's trials and tribulations!! ...
"A Denver Winery's Customer Appreciation Day"   Westminster, CO - Every year during the month of May, Spero Winery likes to show it's appreciation to it's loyal customers by having a "Case of the Year" party! When a customer purchases a case of wine, it qualifies them for this party, and it does ...
"April Showers Bring May Flowers?"     Westminster, CO - Remember that ole saying, "April Showers Bring May Flowers?   In Denver, we always laugh about that saying and many of us replace the words to say, "April Snows Bring May Woes!"  Why woes?   Since, April is typically the 2nd snowiest month ...
"Stupid Lender Rears It's Ugly Head, Again!!"   Westminster, CO -  "OH BOY", says Scott Bakula, playing "Sam" from the old TV Series, "Quantum Leap", right after his leap into a significant person for the next week's TV episode. Yes, the Saga with the Stupid Lender Award, continues onto a slow de...
"The Denver Money Mortgage Assistance Program, MMA!" Westminster, CO - A new Grant Money program is alive and well in Denver.  The Denver Metro Mortgage Assistance! Those buyers seeking property in the defined areas should really take a look at this Grant Money program to see if it works for you!...
"Your Denver Real Estate Advocate at Work!"   Westminster, CO - It amazes me how we are "proceeding along" with such LOW inventory in the Greater Denver Metro areas!  As you can see, by the stats below, that our inventory is over 35% below last year at this same time. Such shortage has caused man...

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