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Real estate contracts in Washington have undergone an enormous change greatly impacting buyers'future rights against sellers. On March 1, 2007, the Washington Supreme Court in Alejandre v. Bull applied the Economic Loss Rule for the first time in Washington real estate case law.   But it was only...
The NWMLS recently sent me a letter from their legal counsel that my website was in violation of one of the rules.   The local MLS in the Pacific Northwest is a large one, with over 22,000 members and it just recently added a smaller MLS from a neighboring county so now it is actually even larger...
Although Seafair in Seattle is an annual event that lasts three weeks, one of the premier events is always the Blue Angels Airshow. If you missed this weekend's Seafair Celebration on Lake Washington, I would encourage you to go next year.   It was a very impressive display of showmanship and the...
I'm excited to announce another home buyer seminar this Saturday, July 14th from 10am-3pm, at the Transnation Title and Escrow offices in Tukwila, Washington.   Geared towards qualifying buyers for the House Key State Bond Program, attendees receive a certificate allowing their lender to reserve ...
Most everyone is usually on the lookout for good deals on homes and mortgage rates but most of the time once you look closely at all the details, there isn't really a lot to write home about.   Houses that are priced right can have a lot of off setting challenges with them and could be why they'r...
Although the Seattle real estate market is fairing far better than most areas in the country, we are seeing an increasing number of short sale listings come on the market.   Even in a strong sellers market like we experienced in 2004-5, there was always the occasional short sale or pre-foreclosur...
Realtor webpages by and large have been a hit and miss proposition.   We set them up not really depending on them for business but more to promote our brand in the marketplace and keep our name out there.   It's largely the same with print advertising--the top agents will tell you that it's just ...
Whether the market is strong or soft, the greatest challenge for a seller has always been setting the correct price.   That price which will bring the highest net to the seller within the desired time frame.   In this two part series we'll step through the process a prudent seller must take to hi...
For years now, one of the local Title Officers in my area has consistently made these handy, post-card sized collections of business builder tips.   They just randomly appear in my mailbox at the office.   The topics range from time management tips, to goal setting.   She doesn't seem to have any...
Another newbie to this excellent site.   I'm slowly finding my way around.  Every time I try to research how to make some progress on my website I get distracted with another topic from someone's post.    What a great place to find answers to promoting yourself!   My first challenge is going to b...

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Providing news, information and resources with a focus on supporting you in your search for Seattle Real Estate.

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