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Feds examine whether 'friendly fire' killed Border Patrol agent By NBC News Federal investigators have told NBC News they are examining whether the shootings of Border Patrol agents early Tuesday morning were the result of friendly fire – officers accidentally shooting each other. Initial reports...
The Chicago School strike has gone a week and both parties seem to be working towards a deal.  But there is literally no one talking about how they got to this place. The contract for the union ran out 8 months ago, so clearly they have had over a year to deal with this.  Of course, some would sa...
Harvard president: Cheating scandal goes beyond athletics wire reports Sep. 14, 2012 12:36 AM ET Harvard announced last month that it was investigating similarities in the answers that more than 100 students submitted on an open-book, take-home final. Federal privacy laws prohibi...
  As I predicted, the ECB has lied again to its constitutents and will buy an unlimited amount of bonds from countries that need help.  Also, the Fed just announced QE3.  That is a continuation of over 45 billion a month in MBS plus an additional 40B more.   This is to literally buy bad debt from...
Where are we heading?  Where will our elected officials take us?  Who will benefit the most from congressional actions in the coming months?   I have no proof, but there is evidence that neither party can agree on how to fix our economy.  There is evidence that the cliff that is coming up will ca...
Julian Castro: Mayor of San Antonio Castro was born in San Antonio on September 16, 1974[2] to Maria "Rosie" Castro and Jessie Guzman.[3] He is the identical twin brother of politician Joaquín Castro.[2] His mother was a Chicano political activist who helped establish the Chicano political party ...
From NBC Chicago Mayor and liberal democrat, says to those that are being shot, "you're not a snitch"  Again not one word about the gangs, always being politically correct.  He doesn't have a clue.  Emanuel said police have moved in more officers, removed guns and drugs off the street, ...
From this mornings headlines: Spain's economic recession deepened in the second quarter, as gross domestic product contracted by 0.4% from the first quarter and by 1.3% compared with the second quarter of last year. The government has been implementing austerity measures to reduce the third-large...
By NBC News staff:  Chicago shootings leave 9 dead, 28 wounded since Friday night At least nine people were killed and 28 others wounded in a spate of shootings since Friday night in Chicago, according to local reports. The most recent shooting death occurred on Sunday afternoon in the city's Sou...
Huffington Post: Chicago Shootings: At Least 19 Wounded By Gun Violence Thursday, 13 Over 30 Minutes CHICAGO -- Police say 13 people were shot and wounded in a 30-minute spate of violence in Chicago, including eight gunned down on a single street. Authorities have been battling an increase in hom...

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