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I Think there are plenty of people talking about assault weapon bans across the country and most don't have a clue what an assault weapon is.  The purpose of this blog post is only to illustrate atanother distortion that is part of this debate.  To me, the constitution gives me the right to own g...
I really don't want to hear about abortions, illegal immigration, gay rights, global warming, racism, and many other hot button topics that our politicians throw out as bones to their special interest groups.  The GOP lost the last election because it could not get a majority of voters to underst...
Since you won't hear it from the left media, oue defense industry has millions of union workers.  California, Texas, Washington and Florida have huge defense industries.  Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor has 64 unions, amost of the company locations are in states that are left lean...
The unemployment rate slowly was reduced during the campaign but now the truth comes out.  The government quietly revised last months rate to 7.8% from the pereviously reported 7.7%.  Now you would think that job growth would be in the cards since the rate has been going down, but the job growth ...
Where is the media? How did Hillary fall?  Where?  What was the reason?  So she has a blood clot, why treat with blood thinners?  Why no questions as to the doctors?  Seems fishy since she was to testify. How about the fiscal cliff?  Why no  comments as to the bill including pork for hollywood mi...
AFter being pressed to make a public statement about the school shooting, the NRA leadership held a press conference today.  The media goaded the organization into making the statement when it has no responsibility to do so.  Where is the left wing media on mental health?  Where is the media on v...
Does anyone actually believe that either party is trying to solve the problems of our country?  The dems don't want to be the first to trot out entitlement cuts that they know is part of the solution while repubs continue to ignore that taxes are going up regardless of what they do.  Neither side...
By Dina ElBoghdady Tuesday, November 10, 2009 FHA's reserve fund hits 7-year low The Federal Housing Administration, which has played a crucial role supporting American home buyers after the collapse of the mortgage market, has burned through a huge cash reserve in less than a decade and could so...
The Blaze   More Layoffs Announced, Including 500 At NBC, Citibank, And One Huge Obama Donor’s Medical Company In just the first three days of this week, we have seen an alarming rise in announcements from some very large corporations like, NBC, Citibank, Xerox, and most of the Atlantic City Casi...
The Associated Press , Staff 49.7 million Americans in poverty, Census Bureau says The numbers released Wednesday by the Census Bureau are part of a newly developed supplemental poverty measure. Devised a year ago, this measure provides a fuller picture of poverty that the government believes ca...

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