Any of you folks out there play soccer?  I do. I play every Saturday with an over 30 group in the Tempe area.  We have most of our games at Tempe sports complex or another location called Benedict park.  Teams are great, fields ok at the start of season, but by ok, I really mean just ok.I had the...
One thing I have always been fascinated by is how the American culture is so imaginative.  If you just take a look through our history, one can see so many creative inventions.  We have even had some pretty cool inventions such as: Ferris WheelRotary Dial - for phonethe bottle caplight dimmersCha...
My photo of the day today, is mom's cat.  This cat does nothing but sleep all day.That is the life, right?
I had an idea, and I wonder if it could save millions.  Maybe not millions of dollars, but who knows, maybe it would save that much money and more.  It would save millions of gallons a year if implemented across the US.Not only could it save, but I think many guys would find this kind of neat.  I...
I was pretty amazed while I was driving today, with what drivers do while driving.  Be it on the way to work, or wherever life takes them. So I'm curious as to how you will vote, who is more at or women. The scenario is driving and actually paying attention to the road.  No, ...
I love photos, don't you? I do a lot of stuff myself, marketing, putting up signs, listing appointments, working with buyers.........etc.  Today I went to pull down a sign, and turned around.  This was what I say, the photo does not really do it justice, but this is the Phoenix Sky line.
In real estate a lot of things will happen.  Having done this for 12 years now, in a full time capacity, I have come across many things.Yesterday though, I came across a new experience and frankly I'm still in a little shock.  My client who I'd meet back in 2004, had suddenly and unexpectedly pas...
Yes folks, this here Laveen Realtor has sold another home in Laveen Az, this one located at 6825 S 45th Ln in the Rogers Ranch community. Sellers are happy, and I can also say so are buyers.  While I did not represent both sides, I did get a chance to meet the buyer and they were extremely happy....
I was reading several blog posts today here on the rain.  I don't generally comment on all, some I read and don't even like.  As I'm sure, many might read this, and pretty much.........well not like it. Yet, there really is so much on active rain.  I signed up, I think, back in 2007.  I did not r...
I like photos, who can blame me.  There is a lot of cool things out there, and a camera is just a great way to capture it.  Also, at times you can get to share that photo, so others may enjoy as well. This is a photo in Cesar Chavez park in South Phoenix, well really Laveen.   

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