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This is the public Blog of Debbie Holmes. Real estate agent extraordinaire, with scientific training (which makes me very good at analysis). I have three boys. One going who just graduated law school and two in graduate school. I am one lucky mom!
The tree grew as a volunteer.  The neighbor hated it.  Bill Taylor (who I work with) helps me on lots of projects.  Bill also lived in the house I am prepping for sale for 15 years.   It is strange that I own the house.  I did not buy it from Bill but that is another story.  I basically know Bill...
We aquried Peppers when he was 3-4 weeks old.  He definitly was a waif.   He was underweight and buggy.  We almost lost him.  I was working on a project and some young boys brought this sad looking kitten to me and asked me to take him home.   Fast forward 5 months and the time has come for him t...
Do you like green eggs and ham.    My oldest son was born 34 years ago.  He is my Jewish Leprechaun.  Probably the only boy baby born at Lourdes hospital who was not named Patrick.   I have embraced the St. Patrick's day birthday.  I have been making him green eggs and ham since he was a baby.  I...
The home appeared on my feed at Sundown on Saturday.  It was a well kept manufactured home in the mountains on 1 acre of land.   It looked like something I wanted to see.  I contacted the other agent on Sunday and asked if it had offers.  Sadly it had one.   I contacted a friend who was vaccinate...
Yesterday I won the 30 days to success challenge at work.  I won a computer, marketing package and social media help.    I would like to say I entered the contest to improve my business but I did it for the computer. That being said by partispating in the contest my business improved.  I have a c...
   In the last few years the home prices in Boise have gone up.  It used to be two parents could almost always afford rent or be able to buy a home.   This is not the case anymore.  The opening price for a 3 bed/2 bath home is approaching $400,000.  People are trying to buy trailers on rented lot...
  The other day my lead generating service sent me people with a strong accent.  I assumed they spoke Spanish even though the name was not Hispanic.  I printed my flyers in Spanish and found a house buying guide in Spanish.  Then I went to meet them.They were late but they arrived.  While I was t...
 About two weeks ago I joined a lead generating service.  So far with one exception, everyone clicked on a manufactured home on a rented lot.   These make me nervous in the Treasure Valley.  Sometimes they are the only option but they are my least favorite option to sell.  I will state my reasons...
Yesterday I saw on Facebook that one of my Facebook friend's was thinking of remodeling.  They love there home but wanted to know who had remodeled.   I have known the young woman since she was 5.  She was in my son's kindergarten class.  I watched her grow up from a distance.  I am still friends...
They send out postcards, phone calls and texts.  They want to buy your property. They will pay all costs.  My customers often come to me and ask if its a good deal.  Usually it isn't.  Usually I could get them much more than offered.  The market is very very much a sellers market in Idaho.  Even ...

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This is a blog about all things real estate (and a few extras). I blog about my buyers, sellers, listings, short sales, the real estate market. I am internet savvy and am trying to learn more skills. I like blogging because I get to share information with other real estate professionals and my clients. I can find you a great home in the Treasure Valley. I was the Democratic Nominee for CD2, Idaho for the US Congress. I have two website: