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No seriously, who cares? Do you really believe that the public understands the 3 or 4 letter acronyms on your business card, nametag, or wherever you the hell you plaster it?I am going to let you in on a tiny little secret …YOU are the only person that cares about your designations! Congratulatio...
Instead of pitching a property that is a “charming fixer upper” or “rare gem just needing some TLC” …What if you told the Unrelenting Truth about a property and said something more like this…"I’ve got one Ugly House to Sell! Seriously, people, you’ve got to check this one out … Even if it’s only ...
  Telling sellers what they want to hear just to get the listing is called L.Y.I.N.G. It shows no character or integrity or respect for the sellers time and livelihood.Being told “No”, or risking “Rejection”, isn’t a reason to tell the sellers what they want to hear.So why do so many agents do th...
  A real estate agent gets ready to take his customers (not clients yet) out to look at houses. He asks them simple standard questions: “Price range? Size? Area? Etc.” Prospective buyers answer the simple questions and include, “we would really like a swimming pool”. Agent says “great”, quickly t...
Closing is a process, not a step. When you meet with a client or prospect, you are continually helping them get more comfortable with you and more excited about the possibilities. Continually asking the right clarifying questions and working toward getting approval helps set the stage for you to ...
When people hear the word “education,” they tend to think of formal education, as in universities and degree requirements and GPAs and exams and long, pointless lectures about somebody who died 350 years ago. In a country that no longer exists. But when I say education, what I’m mainly talking ab...
The critical skills in negotiation are being tenacious and keeping your cool. Always remember that tenacious does NOT have to mean confrontational. Nobody likes to be backed into a corner. Therefore, raising your voice, and being forceful, or making threats may work against you in the business tr...
No professional speaker starts a speech by launching right into a complex subject. Walking straight into a meeting and starting to make the pitch before anyone even sits down is a classic mistake too many business people make. A business conversation is rarely (if ever!) all business. Small talk ...
What value do your customers get from your product or service? And why should they buy from you instead of the competition? Answer both of those questions clearly and simply and you’ve got a unique value proposition. Write a paragraph about yourself, your product, or your business/service. Descri...
Gorgeous Family Home in a Very Desirable Neighborhood 3070 Grimes Creek, Meridian ID 83642 *4 Bedroom *3 Bathrooms *1,927 Square Feet * PRICED AT $159,900 close to schools, shopping and the interstate for a quick commute. Enjoy the maple hard wood flooring, custom cabinets in kitchen with granite...

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